Everything You Need To Know About The Bacteria In Your Vagina

When you think of bacteria, you might automatically think of evil little monsters living in your body, destroying your immune system and making you sick at all the most inconvenient times. While some of that is true, there is actually a lot of good bacteria that lives inside you, believe it or not. I know the term “bacteria” is inherently negative, but there are some good types that you should know about, specifically the good types of bacteria in your vagina. Yes, you read that right.I know the phrase “bacteria in your vagina” sounds HORRIFYING, but hear me out.

At Gurl, we often mention your vagina’s pH balance, but have you ever wondered what that really means? In very simple terms, your pH balance is a number that states how acidic your vagina is, and also how healthy it is. Your pH is measured in levels (we will get into that in a minute) that signify the acidity of your vagina. When your vagina is at a good acid level, it helps keep a certain type of bacteria active. But don’t freak out! This is actually a good type of bacteria living down there, making things happy and lovely. I know an acidic vagina sounds scary, but it’s actually important! Here’s what’s actually going on down there when it comes to your pH balance:

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