15 School Supplies You’ll Actually Be Excited About Buying

If you’ve walked into a shopping mall or convenience store or any place that makes its money by selling you things lately, chances are good that you’ve been able to pick up on one specific message: That it’s back-to-school season, baby! You will know this, probably, through subtle signs like this one:



Anyway, the back-to-school season tends to bring about a lot of complicated emotions in people (and not just because of the Minions-related imagery it inspires!). Like, at this point in the summer, you’re probably sort of over the whole summer thing already–it’s hot, you’re sweaty, and you’ve likely come to terms with the fact that most of the items on your summer bucket list just aren’t going to happen–but you’re also not quite ready to head back to school. It’s a weird liminal stage! Still, school is (fortunately? Unfortunately?) inevitable for most of us, and, no matter how you feel about it, it’s important to be prepared for it. And this, of course, means getting some back-to-school supplies–which, arguably, is kind of the best part of the summer anyway. So, check out these school supplies that will make going back to school a little easier:

1. A fresh new backpack:


Buy the Betsey Johnson Back To School Bow Backpack  for $85.99 from Zappos 

You need this bow, right?


2. Or, if you’re more of a totebag type, a new messenger bag:


Buy the Stop, Rock, and Roll Convertible Bag for $69.99 from ModCloth

This one can also be used as a backpack if your shoulders feel uneven.


3. A cool new planner:


Buy the “Out There” Classic Agenda for $20 from Bando

Doesn’t this planner make you want to start, like, actually planning things in your life?


4. Stickers to decorate your planner (and everything else):


Buy Cactus Stickers for $2.50 from Etsy

!!!!! I mean.


5. Cute pencils:


Buy BleuMoo Mechanical Pencils for $4.06 from Amazon

You will need to do some writing this year, I assume!


6.  Rose gold pens:


Buy LuxYe Rose Gold Pens for $19.99 from Amazon

They’re rose gold on the outside but write in black ink, so you can look trendy and still adhere to school regulations for your tests.


7. A pencil case:


Buy the I’m Very Busy Pouch for $4.99 from Yoobi

Ideally, one that lets everyone know how EXTREMELY busy you are.


8. A trendy lunchbox:


Buy the Girl’s Gotta Eat Lunch Bag for $18 from Bando

Doesn’t this blank smile just encapsulate exactly how you feel about going back to school?


9. A wacky lunchbox:


Buy the Despicable Me lunchbox for $9.99 from Target

Minion lovers ONLY.


10. An ~inspiring~ lunchbox:


Buy the Wonder Woman lunchbox for $11.99 from Target

Let everyone know how much you loved Wonder Woman!


11. A new water bottle:


Buy the Tutu water bottle for $35 from bkr

Hydration is important! Make sure you actually achieve it by using this super cute water bottle.


12. A lucky new phone case:


Buy the Lucky Case for $28 from the Nylon Shop

New year, new phone case. Right?


13. These ADORABLE! erasers:

Buy Ice Cream Erasers for $2.99 from Yoobi

You’ll want to make mistakes just so you can use these guys.


14. A cute notebook:


Buy the Studio Oh! Hardcover Spiral Notebook for $11.99 from Amazon

Succulents on the outside, college-ruled on the inside.


15. Aesthetically pleasing sticky notes:


Buy Cute Korean Sticky Notes for $1.50 from Etsy

Perfect for holding your place. Or anything else you need them to do!

Are you going back to school soon? Are there any supplies that you’re actually excited about buying? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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