7 Things You Love Now That You’re Definitely Going To Grow Out Of

I think most of us have at least one thing in our anecdotal experience that prove the existence of phases. You know, something (or, perhaps, many things) you’re really into, and would die for, but also live for for a certain amount of time, then promptly forget about as soon as you find a new thing to be obsessed with. Maybe it was the equestrian phase you went through in elementary school after you read the Felicity American Girl Doll books and decided that you, too, must have a Penny of your own, or the Francophile phase you went through last year when you watched Midnight in Paris and decided that it was your destiny to move there yourself, and wore a beret every day for a month to prove it.  There’s no shame in this! We all do something like it, to some extent, so you might as well own a phase while it’s happening to you.

Of course, the one thing that makes for a really good phase is that, while it is happening to you, you don’t think it’s a phase. You think it’s your life, at the time, and that there is nothing that will ever happen to make it not your life. This is why I was so pleased by a thread I found on Reddit today, titled, “What were you certain was not “just a phase,” but turned out to be totally just a phase?”  Expose me!! (A few things are coming to your mind right now too, right?) So, check out these things you’re definitely going to grow out of, whether you want to or not:

That Whole "Goth" Thing

One of the most common teen phases, probably, is being goth. And, while it is certainly possible to maintain the goth lifestyle into adulthood, most people don't. Take, for example, Reddit user "Frogthumper," who said their biggest phase as a teenager was "Being a goth and a metal head. 'This is who I am! You have to accept it!' 'This music is just too sophisticated for you to appreciate it!' 'Metalheads are better than normies!' Oh dear, teen/young adult me. I had no idea what I was in for."

Image source: Mean Girls

That Tattoo

Thinking about getting a tattoo? You might want to sit on it for some time to make sure that you really want it.  Captainsaveabro said that their biggest regret is "All of my tattoos 🙁 I don't HATE them I just don't love them and I wish I would have waited instead of covering a huge portion of my body at 18 years old."

Image source: The Hangover

Not Being Like "Other Girls"

Here's a protip--don't do the "not like other girls"  schtick. Not now, not ever. Standstagger said that a phase they (gladly) left behind was "My alternative/'cool girl' phase. Like, I'm so different and therefore better than all of the 'basic' girls (not that anyone was using that phrase back then). I have more thoughts and feelings than anyone else, no one gets me, I'm totally gonna do something alternative with my life and that makes me better. Yeah, no. I come across people who still have this attitude as adults and I just find it so childish. At least I was just an obnoxious teenager who grew out of it."

Image source: Thirteen

Being Straight

Sexuality, obviously, is a big one. WooglyOogly said, "I thought I was definitely for sure straight and that my feelings about girls were just a phase. As it turns out I was having a straight phase." Nice!

Image source: But I'm A Cheerleader

Being Gay

Of course, it could go the other way, too. Ergonomicsalamander said, "For me it was the other way around - in high school I was never that interested in dating boys, plus some of my friends were coming out at that time, so I was like 'girls can be hot, okay, maybe I'm into both!' Got to college: nope, super straight."

Image source: Grease

Your Clothes

Your personal style is almost certainly going to change over the next few years. Marypyrite had a very specific example, saying, "When I was around 15 I was completely convinced that I would be wearing denim mini-shorts for the rest of my life. As in, I genuinely believed that I'd be wearing them into my 70s, and not just in a 'hadn't really thought about it' way; I had specifically pictured it and decided that it'd look great. Turns out I was mostly done with denim mini-shorts by the time I was 21. Because you know, your sense of style at 15 isn't usually timeless." Now, denim shorts might not be your "thing," but you can probably rest assured that whatever style staple you have now probably won't carry over into your adult years.

Image source: Dukes of Hazzard

Your Dream City

Have you always had dreams of moving to one specific place? Well, those dreams could change. Bmoreisapunkrocktown said, "When I was younger, I wanted to move to Canada. I was convinced that was where I would start my life, and I was even going to attend university there to get a head start on my citizenship. I visited the school and I hated it. It was objectively beautiful, but the people were awful and the city was shit. End of my Canada phase. I kept the free uni shirt, though." Glad they kept the shirt!

Image source: Canadian Bacon

Have you ever grown out of a phase? Were you surprised when it happened? Let us know in the comments!

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