13 Simple Ways To Tell If You’re Actually A Cool Girl

How often do you think about being cool? I don’t mean “cool” in the temperature sense here (though in these ice cap-troubled times, that would be understandable!), but, rather, in the clout-related sense. You know, like, popularity. Leverage. Sway.

I will have you know that I think about being cool almost constantly, which, as everyone knows, is just about the surest way to tell that you are not, in fact, cool. Still, because of this, I have been able to devise a system to tell if someone is cool, or, you know. Not. (You know that thing when a word loses meaning because you say it too often? Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool!) So, check out these simple ways to tell if you are actually a cool girl…or not. (Editor’s note: extremely JK!! You are cool just the way you are.)

1. You are objectively hot, in, you know–a natural way:



2. Without acknowledging that you’re hot, obviously:



3. You’re not “clingy” or “overattached”–but you are, of course, readily available whenever the object of your affection needs you:


4. You have a Beach! Body!


5. You know JUST ENOUGH about sports…



6. And “cool” music:


7. And “cool” books:


8. And “cool” TV shows and movies where “cool” basically just translates into “by men, for men:”

9. You would commit hari kari before showing your panty lines:


10. Periods? You may or may not have them. No one knows for sure.


11. You’re totally fine at laughing at jokes made at the expense of other girls:


12. Because you’re a feminist, but, like, a cool feminist:


13. And, above all, not like other girls:

What do you think of these tips? Based on the criteria, are you a cool girl? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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