7 Weird Penis Myths You Probably Believe

If you have ever been around a group of your fellow teenage girls for an extended period of time–at a sleepover, perhaps, or a lock-in in your church basement–chances are good that, sooner or later, the conversation turned toward the subject of penises. I say this not to generalize (not all teen girls care about penises) and not to underestimate you and your friends (the teen girls who care about penises have passions and interests that go beyond penises) but rather to highlight the fact that, during a lot of these penis-related conversations, much of the information you’ve heard about penises probably isn’t true. (Have I said the word “penis” enough for you yet?)

Obviously, I don’t know this for a fact. Perhaps many of your friends are sex educators! But, in most cases, most people have a lot of misconceptions about sex in general, which, in turn leads to misconceptions about penises. And why shouldn’t you be well-informed? So, check out these myths you probably believe about penises: 

Big Feet = A Big Penis

This is one of those ideas that gets passed around before most people even really know what a penis is, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it's not true. Multiple studies have shown that there is no indicator on the body, in fact, of what one's penis size might be. It's not not true--a guy could potentially have both big feet and a big penis--but there's no direct evidence that big feet definitely correlate to big penises.

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You Can Use A Pill Or A Cream To Make A Penis Bigger

Sorry. But, despite what that weird email in your spam filter might say, there are no pills or creams that can make a penis grow. What a guy starts with is what you end with, so to speak. What a guy can deal with, however, is his erection, which can make a penis seem bigger or smaller. There are erectile dysfunction pills like Viagra, though you probably shouldn't use them if you're a teen. But guys can ensure that their erections are, um, healthy by doing what people usually do to stay healthy--eating well, exercising, and staying away from drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.

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The Average Penis Is 8 Inches

I'm not quite sure how this particular myth--that an average penis is eight inches in length--got started, but this is, um, very much not true. According to a study published in the British Journal of Urology International, the average penis length is 3.61 inches while flaccid and 5.16 inches erect. This, of course, makes eight inches quite larger than normal, and definitely not something that you should expect.

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Size Matters

If you have sex with a penis (or would one day like to have sex with a penis), you've probably been told that bigger is better. But penis size isn't actually all that important to women, statistically--and, in some cases, it can actually be more of a detriment than anything else. According to some studies performed on penis length and how it correlates with performance, sexually experience women either noticed no difference with a longer penis or found that a longer penis actually made it more difficult for them to orgasm.

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If A Guy Is Erect After Sex, That Means He's Ready To Go Again

If you notice that a guy seems to be erect after having sex, you might feel inclined to take that as a cue that he's ready to have sex again right away. In reality, however, that's rarely the case--penises take some time to get back to their regular flaccid (sorry) state after sex, so any apparent erection you might see is more of a leftover erection than anything else. This doesn't mean that all guys are out for commission for the rest of the day or night, though--some guys are, but it might only take some other guys half an hour.

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Ejaculate Means A LOT of Liquid

If you ever watch porn, you might be of the belief that, every time a guy ejaculates, it results in a lot of...liquid. But, as is the case with most things relating to porn, this isn't really true. Sure, some guys might have a large amount of ejaculate, but most guys only produce about a teaspoon of semen when they ejaculate. So. No need to be worried about drowning, I guess?

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Were you surprised by any of these myths? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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