17 Tweets That Explain What Being A Woman Is Like In 2017

If you were to look at things from a purely pop culture-based perspective, there is an argument to be made that 2017 is more or less a perfect time to be a woman. We have Wonder Woman. A lady Doctor Who. Rihanna, Beyonce, and Mary Berry from the Great British Baking Show all still exist, and, for that, I am thankful.

Still, in pretty much every other way, being a woman now is basically just the same as it’s always been–which is to say that it’s a bit of a struggle. There’s the Trump administration, for example, and all of the issues with women-related healthcare that it brings. The wage gap still exists, and, based on the rate things are going now, it won’t close until 2152. Sexual assault runs rampant on college campuses, and the person who’s supposed to be dealing with it, doesn’t really seem to understand that. Basically? This era contains multitudes! And, as with most things, the best (and worst) place to encapsulate it is in the 140-character space of Twitter. So, check out these (perfect) tweets that explain what being a woman in the year of our Lord 2017 is actually like:

1. Existing in 2017:

2. The Fem-Agenda in 2017:


3. Interacting with a man on the internet in 2017:


4. Being a fan of a popular franchise in 2017:


5. Making a name for yourself in 2017:


6. Being online as a woman in 2017:


7. The dating process in 2017:


8. Sexting in 2017:


9. Finally getting exclusive in 2017:


10. Getting a hug in 2017:


11. Very normal wedding photos in 2017:


12. Political discourse in 2017:


13. Playing with Barbies in 2017:


14. Being on a dating app in 2017:


15. Our leader of the free world in 2017:


16. Self-care in 2017:


17. And, finally, healthcare in 2017:

What do you think of these tweets? Which one is your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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