11 Mean Girls Who Are So Evil And Yet So Lovable

Do you find yourself developing a soft spot for the villain in your favorite books, TV shows, or movies? It’s not necessarily because you condone their awful actions or want them to win in the end. There can just be something charming and incredibly entertaining about the bad guy, you know? Maybe it’s their debonair charm or their shameless pursuit of The Wrong Thing; maybe they just have an interesting backstory. No matter the reason, it’s not rare to give the antagonist a little love, especially when they come in the form of an endlessly amusing mean girl type.

You know, the evil queen bee who the protagonist hates, who you’re supposed to hate…but they end up being the most quotable, most memorable, and oddly one of the most lovable characters in the whole movie. Sometimes they have a secret heart of gold that is revealed at the end of the story, and other times they’re just awful from start to finish. But no matter the outcome, it’s their nasty personality that you can’t help but find endearing, somehow, some way. We’ve all been there with a few characters, but these eleven lovable mean girls from movies and TV are some of the most iconic ones.

Jade From 'Victorious'

Come on, who didn't love the quintessential frenemy, Jade? She was witty, snarky AF, and had, like, zero tolerance for any of the other characters on the show. You honestly couldn't help but feel like you'd be Jade if you were on the show, right? Plus, it was cool to see a mean girl who wasn't the blonde, pink-smothered princess that we see in most media. Jade was like a mean girl with a gothy edge.

Regina George From 'Mean Girls'

I mean, no list is complete with the queen of mean. Regina is such a fun character for two reasons: She's so conniving and awful to her friends that it's straight up comical to watch unfold, but it's also so entertaining to watch her slow, steady downfall because...she deserved it.

Courtney From 'Jawbreaker'

Of all of the '90s teen movies, Courtney from Jawbreaker is the scariest mean girl of them all. I mean, anyone who is calculated enough to cover up a murder should be viewed with serious fear. She's not a likable character by any means and has absolutely zero redeeming qualities, but with her killer fashion sense, her delusions of grandeur, and unapologetic nastiness? It's hard not to stan her ever so slightly.

Miranda From 'As Told By Ginger'

You would think that Courtney Gripling--the richest, most popular girl in school--would be the ultimate mean girl of Nickelodeon gem, As Told By Ginger. But nope, she's an angel compared to her BFF Miranda, who schemes to make Ginger's life a living hell and literally has an evil laugh to match. But Miranda rules because she is deliciously snarky, has the best one liners, and makes you so afraid of her that you almost want to be her. Does that make sense? No? Okay, maybe it's just me then.

Marianne From 'Easy A'

It's safe to say that, IRL, Marianne would be someone most of us absolutely despise. She's judgmental, tries to push her Christian piety onto others, and easily outs herself as an awful human being. But would Easy A be the same without her unique brand of mean girl? Definitely not. Besides, she has some great lines...that would make you want to punch someone if they were real, but make you laugh if they're fictional (which Marianna, thankfully, is).

Mini From 'Skins'

Mini isn't all bad and has so many endearing moments of growth on Skins. But she's most iconic when she's being a materialistic, appearance driven, condescending control freak. I mean, Mini forced her BFF to drink a bottle of vodka as an apology for hooking up with her boyfriend...and then told her to choke and didn't even accept the apology. That's cold. But it's exactly the kind of cold that makes you hate a character but also admit that they're an amazing character. It's hard to truly hate a great character.

The Fashion Club From 'Daria'

The primary mean girls of Daria come in the form of the Fashion Club, and God are they vapid. But their vapidness is so mind-numbing and funny that their subplots are often comparable to Daria's in terms of entertainment. If you haven't watched this show yet, I encourage you to find a stream and correct that ASAP!

Paige From 'Degrassi: The Next Generation'

Yes, she had a heart of gold deep down, and she softened up as the years went by. But let's be real: We all loved Paige the most when she was in full on "snobby bitch" mode. You'll have to stick to season one of Degrassi for those gems.

Chloe From 'My Mad Fat Diary'

Chloe is a tough one because you know she's a good person, but she does so many insufferable, hurtful things to her BFF Rae that you sort of want to throw her out the window. But the show wouldn't have nearly as much juicy drama without her, and even if she pisses you off, you still want to see what kind of awfulness she gets up to from week to week.

Kathryn From 'Cruel Intentions'

If you haven't seen Cruel Intentions yet, please set up a sleepover with your friends (and a large pizza) and watch this '90s dark romance from hell. Kathryn, the resident mean girl of the film, is different than the average mean girl in the sense that she's very refined and truly posh...but she's also a straight up sexual deviant who low key wants to sleep with her step-brother. She's lovable because her over the top nature is such a trip to watch. This movie would be nothing without her.

Heather Chandler From 'Heathers'

Arguably the worst of the Heather clan, which is saying a lot since almost all of them were absolutely insufferable. I mean, anyone who makes fun of their friend's eating disorder is an automatic nasty piece of work. But her awfulness is fun to watch because it's so over the top and evil that it's almost delicious to watch unfold. You practically don't want her reign of terror to end.

What other characters should be on this list? Tell us in the comments!

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