16 Signs You’re Wearing The Wrong Foundation

There are some things that I can make do with if they’re not 100 percent perfect. Sale items that are 90 percent off definitely fall into this category. Ditto with nail polishes that are not quite opaque enough. However, one thing that I’m not willing to settle on is an okay foundation.

Finding the perfect foundation is key because an alright one just isn’t going to cut it. An alright foundation basically means a bad one. There are good foundations and then there are ones that look like a cakey, orange mess. There really is no in between.

If you’ve been wondering about whether you’re wearing the wrong foundation, or you’ve now started to question whether you are, I have some things that will make it easier to figure out whether you foundation is right or totally wrongo. Have a look at 16 signs you’re wearing the wrong foundation.

1. Your foundation doesn’t match your neck.



This is probably the biggest foundation mistake because no one really thinks about their necks. However, you should actually match your foundation shade to your neck for a seamless finish. No one wants to look like their head is on the wrong body.


2. It makes your pores look bigger.


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Foundation is supposed to give you a flawless complexion. It’s not supposed to draw attention to pores, blackheads, and/or pimples. If yours does, it’s time to toss it and find a better one.


3. It doesn’t last.


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Don’t blame your skin if your foundation doesn’t last. Blame the formula. If your makeup rarely makes it beyond lunch, it’s time to try a long-wearing, transfer-proof formula.


4. It makes you break out.


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There are so many good foundation formulas on the market that you should not be settling for one that gives you pimples. In fact, there are even foundations that help fight pimples. Look for ones that are labeled “non-comedogenic” or “acnegenic” because that means they won’t clog your pores.


5. Your foundation burns or stings.


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Your foundation should be comfortable to wear. If it’s irritating your face, that’s a definite sign that something is up. It might even indicate an allergic reaction so stop using that ASAP.


6. It feels very heavy on your skin.


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Foundation isn’t just about the look; it’s also about the feel. If you find that your foundation makes you feel like you’re wearing a layer of goop, it’s not good enough. There is a foundation out there for you that’s so light, you will not notice it on your skin.


7. It looks like you’re wearing a mask.



Foundation is supposed to even out skin, but it’s also supposed to look like real skin. If it looks like you’re wearing a foundation mask, you’re either wearing the wrong color or the formula is way too thick. Look for something more lightweight for a flattering finish.


8. It doesn’t go on smoothly.



If you’re struggling to apply your foundation, toss it. If you’ve had it awhile, it could be a sign that the product is old. If it’s new and it’s still difficult to apply, it might not be the right formula for your skin type. Remember liquids aren’t our only options. There are powders, sticks, creams, and even sprays.


9. It has started to separate in the bottle.


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Hold up because that means that your foundation is expired. And you don’t want to be applying anything that’s old to skin because that can lead to zits or a negative reaction.


10. You wear the same shade all year around.


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Even if you’re someone who avoid the sun, your skin will still be darker in the warmer months than in the cooler ones. That’s why a lot of people have two different foundations that they can wear individually or blend together to come up with their perfect hue.


11. You tested the color by swatching it on your hand.



Our hands are not the same color as our faces. Therefore, the foundation color that you’re wearing on your face probably doesn’t match. When buying a new foundation shade, you should be testing it on your face and neck.


12. You can’t build it up.foundation12a

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Sometimes we need just a drop of foundation. Other times we need a bit extra to cover up redness and zits. If your foundation only gives you one type of coverage, you might want to consider another one. There are some many buildable formulas that you can get instead.


13. It creases.



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By four o’clock, has your foundation disappeared, save for a few random spots around your mouth and eyes? That’s no bueno. If you’re finding the product is settling into the teeny tiny lines in your face, get another one.

14. The foundation doesn’t have a flattering finish.


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It’s not just about the color; it’s also about the finish. Some might find that matte finish to be too harsh on their skin while a dewy-looking foundation just might make skin look greasy. Play around to see what finish you like best.


15. It’s difficult to apply.



If you haven’t worn foundation before, it can be a bit awkward to apply at first. If you still find yourself struggling with your product after wearing it for a long time, it could be the formula. Maybe a stick applicator is more your thing or maybe a cream foundation.


16. It clumps on your facial hair.



Everyone has a fine layer of peach fuzz on their faces. And a lot of us can have sections that are thicker than others. If you find that your foundation seems to clump in these areas no matter what you do, switch to another one.


What is your favorite foundation? Let us know in the comments!

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