15 Things That Should Actually Be On Your Summer Bucket List

If you’re a teenage girl, you have probably, at some point in your life, made a bucket list. Maybe it was a bucket list for the school year, or maybe it was just a bucket list of things you need to do before you graduate. Even if you didn’t write it down, you definitley had a couple things in mind whenever you started a new era of your life, right?

In my opinion, the most common bucket list idea is the classic “Summer Bucket List.” I have VERY clear memories of spending hours with my friends planning out our entire summer. We would have a sleepover and make a list of things that we would do when we all got back from camp (obviously, camp was a priority). I had mostly forgotten about these lists until a viral tweet reminded me that summer bucket lists are STILL a thing. And they have, uh, changed a lot since I was younger.  Here is the list that someone on Twitter found in the changing room of an Urban Outfitters (classic!):



This tweet went viral, of course, since it’s both hilarious and real AF. As you can see, there are some fun ones. Eat cotton candy! Go to a drive in! These are all wholesome. And then there are some that are a little more…explicit. Boob hickey! Get cross faded 17 times! There isn’t anything wrong with having some hookup fun over the summer, obviously, but this one is so…oddly specific, right? My friends and I recently dug up our own bucket lists, which were DRASTICALLY different:



As you can see, besides the “party!” point, it is pretty low-key. I don’t mean to hate on the mystery Urban Outfitters girl, but there are a lot of cool things to do during the summer besides “give two blow jobs.” Obviously, if you want to do that, then you should. But you shouldn’t focus your whole summer on having sex or partying. There are a lot of cool things that you and your BFFs can do! You shouldn’t really be making sex into a competition, right? Right. So…here are some of the points on the list that you should ACTUALLY do this summer. You still have time! It’s only July! Get to it.

1. Binge a new Netflix show:


This one is EASY (I’ve already done watched three new shows this summer…not to BRAG or anything). Have your friends come over and binge a new show. It’s perfect for lazy summer days.


2. Camp in a backyard:


This is actually really easy and fun! Find a friend with a huge backyard and sleep outside one night. You might as well take advantage of the nice weather, right?


3.  Decorate your room:


Summer is also a perfect time to switch up your room. DIY some cute art and rearrange some furniture. It’s super easy but very effective.


4. Get a mannicure:


This is an easy way to ~treat yourself~. Grab your BFF then go get your nails done. Tip: get a white or pastel color to make you look more tan. It works, I promise.


5. Do summer reading:


This isn’t very glamorous, but it’s still important to do SOME school work this summer. Bring your book to the beach and get your summer reading out of the way!


6. Go on a picnic:


This is cute and very Instagramable. Make some food, grab a few blankets and head to the park with your friends for a fun little picnic.


7. Pet a giraffe:


Okay, you don’t have to pet a giraffe, but you should head to a zoo or aquarium, if you have one nearby.


8. Make food from Pinterest:


I have yet to successfully make a Pinterest meal look as good as it does on the site, but summer is the perfect time to try that out with your friends!

9. Make a summer playlist:


It doesn’t have to be 10 hours long, as the list suggests, but you’re going to want to have a perfect summer soundtrack when you and all your friends are hanging.


10. Giant water balloon fight:

giphy (3)

Sure, they are childish, but water balloon fights are a good way to cool off on a hot day.


11. Go to the beach:

giphy (4)

Do I even need to explain this one? You might as well go at least ONCE.


12. Have a lemonade stand:

tenor (1)

This is also a little childish, but hey, you never know, this could help pave your future career as a business woman.


13. Go to a drive-in movie theater: 


TBH, my favorite part about summer is driving upstate to go to a drive-in. They don’t have them by my house, so it’s always a huge trip, but it’s super fun.


14. Stargaze:


Stars are cool. Summer is the best time to look at them. DO IT.


15. Get a little tan:

giphy (5)

Now, don’t go overboard here–you still need SPF. But if you want to look tan for the first day of school, this is the time to do it!


Which of these things have you done? Tell us in the comments!

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