7 Sneaky Signs You Are Being Manipulated

There is a lot of talk of emotional abuse these days, since it’s actually a lot more common than you would think. A common form of emotional abuse is manipulation. The worst part about being manipulated is that you rarely ever realize that it’s happening to you, normally until it’s too late. It sucks to be manipulated –  someone gets in your head and makes you think that you are messing up all the time, even when THEY are the one who is messing up or being unfair. It happens all the time in relationships, which just makes it seem like normal behaviour, even though it isn’t.

The first step to understanding manipulation is to check out the warning signs. Unfortunately, it’s hard to do that. I recently came across an Ask Reddit thread titled “what is a red flag that someone is manipulating you?” and the Reddit community gave some pretty good answers. Honestly, it’s scary to realize that you might have been manipulated in the past, or even right now. Manipulation can happen in every type of relationship: a romantic one, a friendship, even a relationship with your family. If you feel like you might be getting manipulated, be sure to check out these seven warning signs.

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