13 Ways To Deal With Split Ends Without Cutting Your Hair

Just about this time every summer, I notice one thing–my hair is a veritable mess of split ends. I don’t know what it is about the summer that leads to this occurring. The heat? The humidity? The sweat that inevitably ends up all over my head as a result of both? Whatever the case, it always takes me a while to actually deal with it–you know, by cutting my hair.

Unfortunately, the truth of it all is that it is pretty much impossible to do anything about split ends without cutting your hair. Split ends cannot be mended or healed, despite what the packaging on that new deep conditioner or hair serum or whatever may say. The only real way get rid of them–and make sure they stay away–is by trimming your hair every six weeks or so to make sure the ends stay healthy. Still, if you’re looking to put off a haircut, there are some things you can do. So, check out these easy ways to deal with split ends without cutting your hair:

1. Be as proactive as possible:



Think about things you usually do with your hair–towel-drying, flat-ironing, blow-drying, etc.–and make sure you’re being conscious of your ends while you do them.


2. Use a hair mask once a week:


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It won’t get rid of split ends, but using a hydrating mask about once a week will help fortify your strands and make it harder for you to get split ends.


3. Or make your own:



Don’t feel like spending money on a hair mask? Make your own! You almost definitely already have every item use to make the above mask, so you won’t need to spend a single cent on this one.


4. Try a cleansing conditioner:


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Cleansing conditioners are great if you have greasy roots and dry ends, since it allows you to cleanse the roots without stripping the hair shaft of moisture, as most conventional shampoos tend to do.


5. Try using natural oils:




You can also try putting some natural oils in your hair overnight, then washing them out in the morning.


6. Don’t over-brush your hair:



This tugs at the hair and can lead to breakage and split ends.


7. Use a wide-tooth comb:


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To avoid breakage in the hair, try running a wide-tooth comb through your hair while you’re conditioning. This will ensure that you’re working out tangles without causing damage–plus, it’s a good way to make sure you’re conditioner gets an even distribution.


8. Try to avoid wearing your hair up:



This causes strain to your hair–particularly if it’s on the longer or thicker side–and can make it easier to break. Obviously, forgoing ponytails and buns all the time is probably impossible, but try to only wear your hair up when you absolutely have to.


9. Avoid styling your hair when it’s wet:



It’s easy to put your hair into braids or a bun after a shower, but, if possible, try to avoid doing that. Your hair is weaker when it’s wet, since the water adds more weight to the shaft, so styling when it’s wet can cause unneccessary damage.


10. Wear leave-in conditioner:



This nourishes your hair, making it stronger and better at resisting breakage. Plus, it should help with any frizz and shine issues you could be dealing with.


11. Take your vitamins:



If you’re interested in taking a “long game” approach with your hair, try taking vitamins (either in your regular diet and through supplements like biotin, omega-3 and folic acid). Obviously, you’re not going to see an immediate difference after taking, like, one omega-3 supplement, but consistently ingesting the right nutrients will help you (and your hair) out a lot.


12. Know the type of split end you have:



This way, you can figure out what’s causing it and know what you can do to prevent it.


13. Know when to bite the bullet and cut your hair:



Look. You can only put off the cut for so long. The longer you wait, the more your split ends will multiply, which means that you’ll just have to cut off more the next time you go in for a cut. If you want to have a truly split end-free head, go in for a trim now, and commit to taking care of your hair afterwards.

Do you have any split end tips? What are they? Let us know in the comments!

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