8 Bizarre Nickelodeon TV Show Theories You Need To See

I love a good conspiracy theory. They really make me think about things way more than I should, and they freak me out a lot. For some reason, I love to be freaked out. Maybe I’m just so bored of the “real world” that I turn to bizarre theories to make me think that there has got to be something “more” to things. I don’t really think that there is anything that deep about kids TV shows, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t make up their own wild fan theories. And I am ALL for that.

I’m pretty sure that 98 percent of these are fake, but it’s still fun to see how far some people will go to prove that their favorite shows were/are a lot weirder than we all believe. I, for one, grew up watching a ton of classic Nickelodeon shows, so seeing theories that say that The Rugrats kids were all dead and that Timmy Turner is depressed is a little…weird. But, I read them anyway. And I am going to tell you guys the weirdest and craziest Nickelodeon conspiracy theories because why not?! You might end up believing in them.

The Krabby Patty Is Made Of Crabs

This is a more recent theory that actually makes a little bit of sense, thanks to Twitter. A user pointed out that the Krabby Patty secret ingredient crab meat (hence the name) and Mr. Krabs is actually a cannibal. There is actually quite a bit of evidence to support this: there aren't many other crabs in Bikini Bottom, perhaps because they've been eaten. All of the other items on the menu are named after their ingredients, as well. What convinces me the most is the fact that the Krusty Krab is actually in the shape of a crab trap.

Timmy Turner Is Depressed

This is not a theory I have heard before, but I think it's interesting. Some people think that Timmy Turner is actually depressed, and his fairy Godparents are supposed to represent his antidepressant medications. The theory goes deep to suggest that every type of fairy actually represents a different type of medications and that Mr. Crocker is Timmy's therapist who is trying to get him off medication.

Spongebob Is A Victim Of Nuclear Testing

Another popular theory is the idea that Spongebob's hometown Bikini Bottom is located underneath Bikini Atoll, which was a real nuclear testing site in 1946. Some people believe Spongebob and all of his friends are so weird because they were exposed to too many nuclear tests.

Arnold Has A Rare Disease

Some people believe that Arnold's grandparents were actually his real parents, and due to their age, he was born with health conditions. One of these conditions can be Arnold Chiari Syndrome, which can cause someone to have a uniquely shaped head. This theory has been proven false, but it's still a good example of how far these theories can go.

The Wild Thornberrys Are On Drugs

I mean, this sort of makes sense? There is a theory that the Eliza Thornberry is on drugs, which is why she can talk to animals. It's also a common theory that the rest of the family are also on drugs, which is why they are always getting in sticky situations. I mean, maybe she really CAN talk to animals! It's a cartoon, you guys.

Danny Phantom Is In A Coma

A common theory behind Danny Phantom is that he is actually in a coma for the entire series, and that his "ghost" self is who he wished he could be. Supposedly, he got injured when he went in his parent's ghost machine, which made him fall into a coma. The theory doesn't have that much evidence, but other people believe that Danny Phantom is actually just an older version of Timmy Turner. 

The Rugrats Babies Aren't Real

This is a popular and freaky theory that states that all of the babies in Rugrats were actually in Angelica's head. Angelica obviously had some pretty ignorant parents, so she began to create fake friends in her head so she could have someone to talk to and have control over. She made up each of the Rugrats, even though each of them actually died (which is why they never age).  Chuckie died when his mom died, Tommy was a stillborn and the twins were aborted. There isn't a lot of evidence to support this theory, but it COULD work.

iCarly Is A Bee Movie Crossover

This makes absolutely ZERO SENSE, but one of the actors "confirmed" it via Twitter, so I thought I would mention it. For some reason, people think that the lady from Bee Movie looks like Freddie's mom, and that his dad is actually the bee.  I...don't know how to comment on that, but the actor himself said the theory was accurate. I hate the internet.

Do you believe any of these theories? Tell us in the comments!

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  • And another bizarre theory is Lincoln Loud being adopted… People only came to that conclusion because of Lincoln’s white hair, and the rest of his siblings being blonde or brunette (aside from Lucy, who’s hair is black..)