16 Signs As Posts That Explain What You’re Like When You Have A Crush

If you have ever had a crush, you will know that having said crush can often result in some…bizarre behavior. You may normally be perfectly sociable, gregarious, and, perhaps, even a little charismatic (I cannot relate, personally, but I hear that some people can!) but, when it comes to interacting with your crush, these qualities fall flat. Very flat, perhaps. So flat that you do not ever recognize your own voice when you begin to speak, and, to shield yourself from the embarrassment of it all, fall into something of a fugue state.

Because of this, while you probably know that your behavior around your crush might fall under the “less-than-desirable” category, you might not know exactly what you’re doing. So, why not go by your horoscope–as deciphered, as all the best things are, by Tumblr–to figure it out? No matter the case, you can rest assured that your crush probably sees it as being infinitely less embarrassing than you do. Which is something! So, check out these Tumblr signs as posts that reveal exactly what you’re really like when you have a crush:

1. So, what do you do when you catch ~the feels~?



2. Are you capable of functioning while in the same general area as your crush?



3. Which of these slightly awkward behaviors do you revert to?



4. Are you the type to develop an intense, passionate crush on someone who…is not technically real?



5. How does each sign behave when they have a crush on you?



6. Maybe you act like this when you have a crush?



7. What, exactly, do you do when your crush text you?



8. Which of these signs describe your crush?



9. Perhaps you can relate?



10. As a Virgo, I am going to go ahead and tell you that this is FAKE NEWS:



11. This, however, seems accurate:



12. I mean, you’re going to stalk your crush no matter what. Which method will you choose?



13. Is this you?



14. Or is this?



15. Or, perhaps, this?



16. Anyway. This is always the move, yes?


What do you think of these posts? Did you relate to any of them? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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