11 Makeup Swaps You Have To Make In The Summer

It’s summer which means it’s my personal mission to eat as much ice cream as I possibly can. Other things on my to-do list include hitting the beach, wearing a fishtail braid at every possible opportunity, and finding a romper that doesn’t awkwardly ride up in the back. Another thing that everyone should have on their summer to-do lists is update their makeup bags. (It’s on mine, too.)

There’s no need to panic if you haven’t done it yet. I mean, it’s not like you’re going to get in trouble for not doing it. That being said, not updating your makeup bag in the hot weather can result in some unfortunate makeup mishaps, namely makeup meltdowns. I know it’s annoying to have to switch up your go-to beauty routine, but it’s better to tweak your makeup than have mascara running down your cheeks, don’t you think? Here are the makeup swaps you should make this summer. Don’t feel pressured to do them all. Just do the ones that apply to you.

1. Foundation To Tinted Moisturizer

summer 1

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When the summer rolls around, we like to lighten up our wardrobes and the same thing goes with makeup. Even a super lightweight foundation can still feel heavy in the summer, and it can also melt away. So, swap foundation for a tinted moisturizer. Look for one with SPF protection for more benefits.


2. Matte Lipstick To Lip Balm

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The same rule applies to lipstick as it does foundation. The lighter the product, the better.  Trade your heavy matte lipstick for a nourishing lip balm. If you’re craving a bit of color, you can always select a tinted one. Whether you go colored or clear, your lips will appreciate the moisture in the drying heat.


3. Mascara To Waterproof Mascara

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If you’re going to do one swap, make it this one. You might scoff and think that you don’t need a waterproof mascara because you don’t wear makeup to the beach, but you actually still need a waterproof mascara. Heat, humidity, sweat, and rain can cause mascara to run.


4. Eye Pencil To Liquid Liner

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Eye pencils are great. You can even get some waterproof ones. But if you’re on the hunt for products that will make your cat eye last from AM to PM, it’s worthwhile switching to a liquid liner. There are plenty of long-wearing, smudge-proof formulas to try out.


5. Contouring Kit To Bronzersummer 8

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If you’re addicted to contouring, you might not listen to this one, but hear me out: You’ve already got a natural healthy glow going on in summer, so there’s no need to spend ages adding light and shadow to your face. All you need is a light dusting of bronzer to enhance what you already have.


6. Brow Powder To Brow Gel Or Mascara

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In general, powder formulas are good in the cooler months while liquid and gels work in the hotter ones. Therefore, trade your brow powder for a brow gel or mascara. Look for transfer-proof and/or water-resistant formulas to prevent your brows from smudging everywhere.


7. Pastel Blush To Bright Blush

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Blush formulas are very lightweight nowadays but a bright blush on winter skin can sometimes look garish, especially if you’re a pale girl like me. In the summer, even us pale girls get a bit of color which means we can embrace the bolder blush shades. Pastel shades don’t do much for enhancing a tan.


8. Powder Eyeshadow To Cream Shadows

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Remember what I said about how summer is when you trade in your powders? Therefore, swap the powder for cream eyeshadows. Look for cream eyeshadows in chubby pencils or pots you can dab on with your fingers for a grab-and-go look.


9. Regular Primer To Oil-Absorbing Primer

summer 9

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If you’re just using a one-size-fits all primer, you might want to consider swapping to an oil-absorbing one, especially if you have combination or oily skin. The formula will help keep your complexion looking lovely and matte.


10. Powder To Blotting Sheets


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You might use a combination of the two in the winter, but in the hotter months, it’s better to stick with just blotting sheets. Skin gets oilier in the hot weather and if you start applying more layers of powder, things can get cakey really fast.


11. Color-Correcting Palette To CC Cream


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As fun as color-correcting palettes are, you should be outside enjoying the weather as opposed to putting 20 different shades on your face. Not to mention that all your hard work will probably rub off. If you still want to even out your skin, do it with a CC cream. It’s more lightweight and it will save you so much time.


How do you update your makeup routine for summer? Let us know in the comments!

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