9 Of The Absolute Worst Things About Being A Girl

As someone who identifies as a woman, I can say with certainty that it sucks. Sure, there are awesome parts about being a girl, like the fact that you can sing along to Kesha’s new song “Woman” and feel empowered AF. But there are also some things that are very unfortunate when it comes to girlhood. It seems silly to think about all of the bad things that us girls have to endure, but hear me out. When we think about all of the awful parts about being a female, it can help us realize how strong we really are. I mean, most girls bleed out of their vaginas once a month. That’s pretty badass, right?

We can all take comfort in the fact that even though a lot of things suck when it comes to our lives, at least we are in it together, right? Luckily for us, the internet is a great place to come together and bond over how much being a female sucks. The best place to do that, in my opinion, is the Ask Women section of Reddit. Last night, I came across this very relatable post about what it’s REALLY like to be a woman, and what the worst parts are. As much as we would like to think we are Instagram models all the time, there are certain things that make being a girl totally suck. If you identify as a girl, you will probably be able to identify with these horrible things that us girls have to endure.

What do you think is the worst part about being a girl?  Tell us in the comments!

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