Ask A Guy: What To Do If Balls Freak You Out

Hey Joel,

I am all about being positive about our bodies and guys’ bodies but balls really freak me out. I would rather not touch them at all when I’m hooking up with a guy, but my friend told me that most people expect it. Is doing things with testicles as important as doing things to a penis when it comes to pleasuring a guy? Do you have any other tips if you really, really hate balls?


Every person, regardless of anatomy, has their own particular wants and needs in the bedroom. Due to this reality, it’s difficult to form any sort of catch-all assurance on things that will pleasure everyone. With your admitted fear of balls, there are a few things you need to consider to try and keep your partner satisfied and avoid drama.

First and foremost, you should think about what exactly it is about testicles that freak you out. Is it the shape? The feel? Do you only get grossed out when a guy shaves them? Maybe when he’s a hairy beast? Have the guys you’ve been with been overly sweaty? Take some time and try to pinpoint what aspect of a guys’ balls are causing you so much drama, as that may help to find a way to tolerate and perhaps enjoy them.

That being said, since everyone has different things that turn them on, it is more than possible to find guys that are totally cool with your avoidance of their testicles. While I can’t exactly cite a scientific study or go on about loads of conversations I’ve had with my friends about their balls, you can rest assured that not every guy wants you attending to that part of their body.

Insofar as tips for what you can do, I think you need to be honest with your partner. Granted, this isn’t something you bring up the first time you get busy with someone, but if you’ve been with a guy awhile and they ask why you never touch their testicles, you need to be straight up with them. You’ll have to read the situation for yourself in terms of how to say it, but be forward about it instead of dodging to try and be nice.

In the end, everyone has their own issues along with the things they love in bed. Understanding what you like and don’t like is one of the best ways to make those intimate times even better. While it’s not the most important thing, finding someone you’re sexually compatible with is essential to a successful relationship, so it just sounds like you need to find a guy that doesn’t mind you avoiding any sort of ball play.

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