7 Easy Ways To Try Butt Stuff During Foreplay

It’s time for everyone’s favorite topic: butt stuff! TBH, most of us are curious about all of the literal ins and outs of all sexy times activities, but there is just something about backdoor stuff that seems to hold the most intrigue. If you’re curious enough to try some butt stuff, but you’re not quite ready to go full anal, incorporating some butt stuff during foreplay is a great idea.

Focusing on the butt during foreplay is a smart move because it allows you to experience new sensations, it gets you in touch with another part of your body, and it can help you decide whether you want to try other sexy butt activities. Not to mention that it provides a fresh spin on the usual choreographed routine that is foreplay. If you’re wondering about how to do it, listen up. Have a look at seven easy ways to add butt stuff during foreplay.

Start Feeling Around Back There

Some of us can get pretty handsy during foreplay, but are you paying attention to the bum? While you're making out or doing whatever, squeeze, grab, or caress that backside. And get bae to do the same to you. It's a great starting point, but it's often overlooked.

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Try A Vibrator Massage

Here's a new way to use your vibrator: Instead of putting it up your or bae's butt, use it to massage the area. It feels almost as good on top of your skin as it does when it's inside you.

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Kiss It

Not sure about the idea of proper analingus? There's no need to go there if you're not ready. Try kissing and/or sucking bae's backside. FYI: You don't even need to go near the butt hole. Those cheeks will enjoy all of the attention. Just remember to keep things clean.

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Try A Sexy Massage

If you're into back massages, you can simply take things a bit further south. Try giving the butt 100 percent of your or bae's attention. You might even like it more than a back massage. And if you're not sure, try experimenting with different techniques, hand motions, and applying different types of pressure. Chances are you'll find something you like.

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Insert A Finger Or Two

Even if you're game to try anal sex, sticking a peen up there when you've never had anything before isn't the best idea. To get an idea where you like butt penetration, you can try inserting a finger or two during foreplay. It could be your own fingers or bae's. Either way, don't forget a condom and lubes. Lots and lots of lube.

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Try Rubbing Against Stuff

Do 99.9999 percent of your sexy time activities involve you and bae lying in a bed? It works, but you can get some added benefits by switching up your positions. Even if you just move so you're sitting on the edge of the bed can make a difference. If you position yourself at just the right angle, you can enjoy some friction on your backside as you and bae do other sexy moves.

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Add Some Sex Toys

Are you a bit intimidated by the idea of butt sex toys? Chill because there are so many different types. You can start off small, and if you like that, you can go bigger. Just remember that even the smallest toys will still require lube.

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Have you ever tried butt stuff during foreplay? Let us know in the comments!

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