13 Totally Unnecessary Things You Need To Bring To College This Year

If you are heading to college in the fall, chances are good that the people in your life have made you aware of at least one thing–that, once you get there, you will have no space. Zero. Zilch. Your whole life is going to be compressed into a minuscule cinderblock dorm room with a roommate, maybe a window, and probably some asbestos, and you must thank the good lord above that you have space, even for your twin XL bed. (This, of course, is excluding those of you heading to those rare country club-type colleges that have steakhouses and swimming pools and huge dorm rooms in every single dorm, not just the ones they show on campus tours.) And, because of this lack of space, you need to be careful about the things you pack.

And this is true! Obviously, you need to pack your true essentials–your mattress pads, shower shoes, desk organizers, etc–before you add anything else. But, once you do that, and you have some extra room left, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pack some, um, non-essentials as well. Or, as we prefer to call them, “non-essential essentials.” Check out some of our ideas here:

1. This ampersand magnet board:


Buy this for $39 from PBteen

This magnet board probably doesn’t offer as much space as some other options. But it is cute!


2.  Exposed brick wallpaper:brick-peel-pb-teen

Buy this for $59 from PBteen

This is literally just stick-on wallpaper that is meant to help one achieve an exposed brick aesthetic. No one needs it! Still, if you simply must have exposed brick, and you don’t want to go through the trouble of power washing the cinderblocks in your dorm, this is a good way to do it.


3. Fridge caddy:


Buy this for $14.88 from Amazon

This is cool! Does it save space? Probably! Is it necessary? Probably not!


4. Himalyan sea salt lamp:


Buy this for $15.99 from Amazon



5. This very extra lap desk:

Buy this for $44.99 from Amazon

You aren’t technically supposed to do work in your bed (it messes up your sleep hygiene), so this lap desk feels like it might enable some poor behavior! But if you DO decide to do work in your bed, well. You should get this!


6. A mermaid blanket???mermaid-blanket

Buy this for $59 from PBteen

Why??? (Why not!!!!!)


7. A lamp that looks like a leaf:natural-light-lamp

Buy this for $8.99 from Amazon

It’s better for your eyes. Or something. IDK, get it if you want!!!


8. A plush headboard:


Buy this for $175 from Etsy

Truly decadent.


9. A popcorn popper “thing-a-ma-jig:”


Buy this for $13.76 from Amazon

If you take an Econ class this year, you can use this as a peak example of “late capitalism.”


10. Top Ramen cooker:ramen-cooker

Buy this for $5.99 from Amazon

You don’t need this. No one need this. But, as a novelty item, it is…very good.


11. “Rise & shine” pillow:rise-and-shine-pillow

Buy this for $34 from Etsy

Not only does this pillow serve no purpose (it is very small and hard!) it will only be accurate during one time of the day (when you are waking up), which is also the time of day when you will be most likely to resent its message. (“Rise” and “shine?” In this economy???) Still. It’s cute!


12. XO Pillows:x-o-pillows

Buy this for $27 from Etsy

Also purposeless. Also cute.


13. A life-size cutout of your pets:custom-dog-poster

Buy this for $25 from Etsy

Actually. This is necessary, right?


Are you going to college this year? Do you have any suggestions of things you don’t really *have* to bring, but, like…you kind of do? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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