20 Fun Summer DIY Projects To Brighten Up Your Bedroom

One of the best and worst things about the summer is all of the free time you gain. At first, it feels amazing to have hours, even days, where nothing is planned and you can sleep late and watch Netflix all you want. But after a while, it gets a little boring. You feel the urge to do something, but there’s nothing to do, and it’s very hot outside, and all of your friends are on vacation, so you just settle for feeling restless at home while whining to your mom about how bored you are and, no, that doesn’t mean you want to clean. I totally get that, so let me give you an alternative: get involved in some DIY projects to brighten up your bedroom.

This is, after all, the perfect time to add some color to your room, or even start to do a little redecorating. There’s no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on items when you can make some of your own – it gives you something to do and it makes your bedroom look awesome. These are also great to bring to school with you in the fall if you’re moving into a dorm, they’ll help keep the room more homey and comfortable. Want to get creative? Check out some of the best summer DIY projects you should start on ASAP:

1. A Fake Floral Garland



If you love the look of flowers but you hate having to take care of them, then do something like this fake floral garland. It makes a great wall decoration and it will keep your room bright and summery all year long.


2. A Faux-Gold Headboard



Want to add a touch of glamour to your bedroom? Make your own metallic headboard. It’s a stand out piece that will make your whole room look cooler.


3. Painted Mason Jar Vases



Keep things simple by making some bright vases to put around your room. Painting mason jars creates a nice rustic feel, and you can do whatever you want with the colors and patterns.


4. A Cactus “Lamp”



Add some decor and a cool nightlight with this wooden cactus “lamp.” It’s unique and a fun piece to put anywhere.


5. A Cake Wall Clock



Add a touch of sophistication with a whole lot of fun with this DIY wall clock inspired by cake. It’s so bright and colorful!


6. A Color Block Planter



Keep things simple by making some wooden planters with a splash of bright color. Use them to hold real or fake succulents, which are low-maintenance and give life to any space.


7. Updated Desk Chair



If you own a similar desk or vanity chair, give it more flair with lots of pins and patches. This is a super easy craft that will immediately give some life to a boring item.


8. Flower Letter



Add a feminine touch to the first letter of your name with fake flowers. This is such a pretty wall decoration, and you can really do whatever you want with the colors and design.


9. A Flower Wall



You can also choose to hang fake flowers from your wall as decoration or a faux headboard type of look. It has a cool, boho vibe.


10. Fruit Slice Shelves



Add some organization to your room with these colorful fruit shelves. They really make wall decor fun!


11. Lavender Candles



Make sure your room smells just as good as it looks with some homemade lavender candles. They’ll give off a super relaxing, zen scent you won’t be able to get enough of.


12. Marquee Letters



Add some serious brightness with these light up initials – or create a word or saying.


13. Pineapple String Lights



String lights are a great way to make your bedroom more relaxed and chill, and pineapple string lights give off a fun, summery vibe.


14. Pop-Tart Pillows



Give your bed some life with these fun no-sew Pop-Tart inspired pillows. Sorry if they make you hungry!


15. Modern Wall Clock



Make your own cool wall clock that has a modern twist on it – use bright colors to really make it stand out.


16. Painted Mason Jars



Paint mason jars with summery designs, then use them as drinking glasses or just as decor.


17. A Shaggy Rug



One excellent way to add a bright pop of color to your room is with a bold rug. Make your own with this tutorial!


18. Pineapple Vase



Hollow and clean out a pineapple, then use it as a quirky vase. This looks super cool, but don’t keep it for more than two days or so – it’s fruit, so it will start to mold and attract bugs!


19. Pineapple Clay Planter



Want a pineapple planter less temporary? This clay planter is a perfect option.


20. Watercolor Pillows



Give you bed a makeover with these pretty watercolor pillows.

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