7 Old Disney Shows You Forgot Existed

If you were a kid in the early 2000s, you probably miss those simpler times. You know, times of Britney Spears and Limited Too. I’m sure we all have similar memories of coming home from school wearing our light up sneakers and watching hours of Disney Channel. My personal favorites were Lizzie McGuire (obviously) and Even Stevens. But, recently, I was looking up old TV shows and came across ones that I had completely forgotten about. It was a very eye-opening experience, if I do say so myself.

We all remember the “classic” Disney shows like That’s So Raven, but do you remember the short-lived shows that were a little more obscure or even ~edgy~? In the late ’90s and early ’00s, Disney Channel experimented with a ton of different genres of shows. Some of them worked, and others didn’t. They only lasted for a season or two before they disappeared. But, even though they were only on for a short amount of time, we probably all watched them,  since that’s what kids did back then (there was no internet! Just TV! Imagine!) I remember sitting on the couch and watching whatever the eff was on the TV. If you did the same, take a look at these Disney shows you probably watched but totally forgot existed.

Have you seen any of these shows? Tell us in the comments!

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