14 Dumb Relationship Things Everyone Is Guilty Of Doing

Relationships are hard. This is not something that is new information, necessarily, in any sense of the term, but it’s still something that deserves to be said every now and then. They’re hard when you’re casually dating someone, they’re hard when you’ve been dating for a few years, and they’re hard when you’re “just talking,” too. They’re hard all around!

A big part of why relationships are so challenging is because everyone, for the most part, tends to do some pretty dumb things throughout the course of said relationship. These things may vary depending on which stage of a relationship you happen to be in–there are some things you can get away with in a year-long relationship that you can’t when you’re just talking with someone, and vice versa–but, at their heart, they’re all about the same. Wondering if you’re guilty, too? If so, check out these dumb relationship things that pretty much everyone is guilty of doing from time to time:

1. Wait a certain amount of time before responding to a text instead of just replying as soon as you get it:


2. Waiting an extra amount of time if they’re asking you to hang out, because you don’t want to seem too…available:



3. Sending all of their texts, via screenshot, to the group chat you have with your BFFs:



4. Doubling down on your attraction to someone when they have made it very clear that their interest in you is marginal at best:




5. And ignoring the people who do have a genuine, pure interest in you:




6. Accidentally-on-purpose acting dumb as a means of flirting, even though you are actually very smart and definitely know better!



7. Which might sometimes progress into…baby talk:



8. Attributing a LOT of meaning to the social media activity of your partner/lover/FWB/???, even though you know deep down that an Instagram like really is just an Instgram like, and not an IRL like. Probably.



9. Stalking their exes on social media until you are so deep into the bowels of their Facebook history that you have unearthed photos of their brother’s graduation from an all-boy’s boarding school in Maine in 2011:



10. Watching any sort of romantic movie and deciding that any sympathetic couple IS you and your lover:



11. Or, really, any movie in which there is a couple. It’s you! 



12. Being as annoying as you can possibly be, just to test your limits:



13. Which ends badly, sometimes:


14. Laughing about things that are…not funny:


Because! You! Like! Them!!

Do you do any of the things on this list? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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