10 Crazy Hair Colors You’ve Never Thought Of That You Should Try This Summer

If you are looking for some fiery, spirited discourse to engage in–and, in this economy, who among us is not?–you have a lot of options. You could get in on the Lena Dunham/Lamby saga. The Great British-American Egg Cup Debate. Literally anything that’s going on in American politics right now. Or, perhaps, you could dip your toe into the waters of salmon sushi hair.

What, you may be asking, is salmon sushi hair? Well, that depends who you ask. According to the L.A-based hair stylist who originated the term, Jessica Gonzalez, salmon sushi hair is hair with rose gold dye in it, plus an addition of orange, yellow, and pink.

This is what it looks like:



If you’re thinking that this looks like rose gold hair, which is more or less the same thing as millennial pink hair, which itself is just…pink hair, you’re right. To someone who doesn’t spend their whole day in a hair salon, this hair color is no different from any other hair color you’ve been seeing over the past few years. It’s pink hair. It’s nothing new.

Still. Regardless of how you feel about arbitrary titles being applied to the same things over and over again in order to make them feel “fresh,” at least one thing feels true in this particular situation--this particular shade of pink will always look reasonably cool. And, now that it’s summer, it’s as good a time as ever to try dying your hair. But why limit yourself solely to pink?

So, check out the best of “salmon sushi pink” hair colors, plus some other cool colors that you should try out this summer:

1. So. Here’s “salmon sushi” hair:



It looks nice! And, as you can see, it’s pretty easy to blend with your roots if you want to have some of your natural color exposed.


2. Rose gold hair:



It is the same thing as salmon sushi hair. Which means that it also looks nice!


3. Starbust hair?



(Which, as many people have pointed out, is similar to salmon and rose gold hair, only with the highlights slightly more pronounced.)


4. Navy hair:



If you’re looking for something a little more…demure.


5. Unicorn frappuccino hair:



If “demure” isn’t really your thing.


6. Gray hair:



For some witchy (and perhaps even…grandmotherly?) vibes.


7. Teal hair:



Which, as you can see, works well if you’re going for some slightly more “goth” vibes this summer.


8. Tie dye hair:



Which…might just be the same thing as unicorn frappuccino hair? But no matter!!!


9. Galaxy hair:



Has science gone too far? (Never!!!!)


10. Millennial pink hair:



To serve as a reminder that the more things change, the more things stay the same!



What do you think of these colors? Are you going to try any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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