7 Studies You Need To Know About If You Have Boobs

If you are a person who happens to own a pair of boobs, you will probably already know that things tend to get a little complicated when you have them. Boobs aren’t quite as annoying to deal with as, say, vaginas– objectively the most complex organ on the female body–but they definitely, ahem, have their moments. Maybe one is bigger than the other. Maybe you can never really get a swimsuit to fit quite right over your boobs. Or maybe you just always feel as though your boobs are always a little off, somehow. Whatever the case may be, boobs are something that tend to be inherently sexualized, which means that you kind of have to be aware of them, whether you want to be or not.

In spite of this (or, perhaps, because of it), there have been a lot of scientific studies in on breasts in the past couple of years, and many of them happen to be pretty interesting. So, if you have boobs–or, for whatever reason, just want to learn more about boobs–check out these studies on boobs right here:

Bras Can Make Them Sag

Think your bra is protecting your boobs? You might want to think again. According to a fifteen-year French study that was concluded in 2013, breasts actually get saggier when you wear bras regularly. This study found that bras can actually increase the rate at which breast tissue deteriorates, while not wearing bras helped maintain breast "orientation." Of course, this doesn't mean that you should immediately throw away all of your bras--this is a preliminary study, so the results are legit, but other studies need to be done to ensure that these findings are consistent across the board. Plus, if you have big boobs, you probably know that not wearing a bra is...not going to happen. So, just do what works best for you.

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Staring At Boobs Can Prolong Male Lifespan 

Welp. According to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2012, positive thinking has the potential to increase guys' lifespans. And, apparently, one of the surest ways to induce positive thinking for (straight) guys is by looking at female breasts. It is important to note, however, that looking at cute animals can produce a similar effect, so guys don't actually have to stare at your boobs to increase their lifespan.

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Squeezing Boobs Can Help Prevent Cancer

Need an excuse to squeeze your boobs? According to the UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, doing so can help prevent breast cancer. This is because applying physical pressure on the breasts can help prevent potentially dangerous cells from turning malignant. Obviously, this would only work to a certain extent--squeezing and other forms of physical pressure aren't going to replace all of modern medicine--but it's still pretty cool to know about.

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Sexist Men Prefer Women With Big Boobs

Do you care about what kind of boobs guys like? No? Good. You shouldn't. But, in case you were wondering what type of guys to stay away from, a study done at the University of Westminster in 2013 found that men with "sexist attitudes" also tend to have a preference for bigger boobs. Of course, this doesn't mean that you'll automatically only attract sexist dudes just because you have big boobs, but, you know. Be careful out there!

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Men Who Prefer Small Breasts Prefer A "Submissive" Partner  

Actually, all people with boobs should probably be wary of men. According to some psychologists, men who prefer women with smaller breasts are often seeking a "submissive, non-threatening" partner. I am no psychologist, but, in my opinion, this is BS. This is not only because having small boobs has, like, little-to-no correlation with overall confidence, but also because a guy who actively seeks out a submissive girl is...probably not a guy you want to be with.The solution? Try to avoid dating anyone who seems to be weirdly fixated on your breasts, is dating you solely because of your boobs, or has made it overly clear which type of breast they prefer.

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Men Have Nipples Because All Fetuses Start Out Female

It's possible that guys are so weird about boobs because they happen to be suffering from a bit of mammary envy themselves. Apparently, all fetuses start off as female in the womb, until about six weeks into pregnancy when testosterone starts to develop. But before this happens, breasts and nipples develop. This is why guys (sort of) have boobs and (in my opinion) have unfounded, unnecessary feelings about the boobs that girls have, too.

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Some Women Can Reach Orgasm Through Nipple Stimulation Alone

A 2009 study of 231 women found that 29 percent of them were able to reach orgasm just through nipple stimulation. This is because women's brains process nipple and genital stimulation the same way, so, in theory, spending enough time on nipple stimulation should be enough to help a woman reach orgasm. Maybe you're one of these people? Give it a try to find out!

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Were you surprised by these studies? Did any of them freak you out? Let us know in the comments!

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