15 Reasons Kendall Jenner Is Actually Problematic AF

When it comes to the Kardashian/Jenner clan, the majority of people out there have always seemed to agree on one thing: that Kendall Jenner is the least offensive of the group. Kendall has always seemed different than the rest of the group; not only because of her body type (she is notably taller than her sisters and her shape is less curvy and more slim), but because of her personality. On social media, in interviews, and on her reality show, Kendall has always come across as sweet, a little awkward, a little shy, and more down-to-earth. On top of that, many people feel that Kendall’s modeling career gives her a more legitimate reason to be famous, and her A-list group of supermodel friends only boosts her credibility.

I used to feel this way about Kendall too. I found her the most relatable of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, and I was always soothed by her lack of PR disasters. Kendall seemed to be in a different group from her sisters, focusing on her job rather than doing anything and everything to stay in the spotlight. But then, uh, the past year happened, and I, along with many other people, realized the truth: Kendall Jenner is problematic AF.

Don’t believe me? The evidence is below. 2016 and 2017 haven’t been especially drama-free years for Kendall, and she hasn’t come out of the below situations looking good. In fact, she’s messed up her image enough to have a popular Kendall stan Twitter turn on her as well. The Twitter account @knjdaily declared this week that they are no longer going to stan Kendall:

And honestly? They gave a lot of good reasons why. Kendall might come off as more relatable, but in reality, she manages to get herself into a lot of crappy situations and rarely, if ever, apologizes for them. It’s happened so often that it’s given her a really bad look that’s almost impossible to shake off. The Kardashian/Jenners are regularly in hot water for their behavior, but Kendall has flown under the radar until now. Has she sneakily been the most problematic all along? Decide for yourself, with the evidence below collected from @knjdaily, as well as some other notes:

1. This tasteless Vine video that happened a few years ago:

The video has been described as racist and gross, and for good reason: it sends the message that Kendall and Kylie are only interested in black guys who fit a certain stereotype. They were probably trying to poke fun at themselves, but it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.


2. She has been spotted in this shirt, which features the Confederate flag, a few too many times:

Yes, the Confederate flag is a symbol Lynyrd Skynyrd has used for years, but that doesn’t make it okay to flaunt it. It looks especially bad for Kendall, since she’s regularly accused of cultural appropriation.


3. Speaking of cultural appropriation, she regularly does stuff like this:

And before you defend her because she’s “modeling,” know that she isn’t doing that in these photos – most of them are taken at Coachella, where Kendall was just hanging out.


4. She maintains a friendship with Ian Connor:

Ian Conner is a model and celebrity stylist who has been accused of rape from multiple people, although he hasn’t been charged. It doesn’t seem like the best idea to make someone like that part of your squad.


5. She’s not the most responsible:

I get that the paps are frustrating, but this seems, uh, not safe.


6. Her infamous Pepsi commercial:

This was, probably, the worst ad ever made. In it, Pepsi makes Kendall out to be the white savior, the one who can bring us all together in hard times. It was so bad it was funny, and then it wasn’t funny at all, it was just insensitive and horrible.


7. And the fact that she never even apologized for said commercial:

Despite the extreme backlash she got, Kendall never made a public apology about her role in the ad. Now, of course, the company behind Pepsi dreamed this up, and Kendall was only the model involved. But still – the model or actress should have enough sense to be like, “Uh, WTF are we doing?” At Kendall’s level of stardom, it’s not hard to speak your mind or walk away from a project that sends the wrong message. The fact that she couldn’t even apologize for this is not a good look at all, and sends the message that she doesn’t really care.


8. She participated in making the absolute worst t-shirts of 2017:

In case you haven’t heard, Kendall and Kylie are in serious hot water over their ridiculous t-shirts that include their faces over the faces of music idols like Biggie and Tupac. They may have apologized and pulled the shirts, but why in the name of God did they allow them to ever be created in the first place?


9. She was part of the whole Fyre Festival disaster:

No, Kendall did not create Fyre Festival or have a part in how much it failed, but she did promote the hell out of it… until it collapsed, at which point, she fell silent. It’s not that she had a responsibility to do something to fix things, but it just points out how entitled she comes off.


10. Her friendship with ASAP Rocky:

No one seems thrilled about the reported dating rumors between Kendall and ASAP.


11. She manages to become part of problematic modeling shoots too often:

For example: she was on the cover of Vogue India to celebrate their 10-year anniversary. Instead of, you know, a celebrity from India.


12. She helped Kylie “write a book:”

Okay, I’m sure there’s actually not anything wrong with the book. It’s just offensive to me, as a writer, that they try to act like they wrote this. Anyway.


13. She’s, um…. not a great model.

Read this Vanity Fair piece for more clarity. And by the way, this isn’t even just a mean comment. It’s frustrating that Kendall has such an “in” as a model – because of her name, she is more likely to book shows and shoots. A lot of people assume her name hurts her, but the fashion world has changed, and big personalities are now more in demand than they once her. It’s almost like nepotism, and it’s frustrating to see Kendall, a perfectly fine model who definitely isn’t fantastic, flourish, while models who deserve that spotlight don’t get it.


14. Remember this Marc Jacobs show?

w h y


15. Oh, and…

What is your opinion on Kendall Jenner? Do you think she’s problematic? Let us know in the comments.

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