7 Queen Bees Who Were Actually Smart

Anyone who has ever watched a handful of teen movies and TV shows knows what the school queen bee is like. They’re pretty, they’re popular, they’re in a clique, and while their kindness is hit or miss (okay, usually miss), there’s one thing that binds them together: They’re not all that bright. I don’t know, for some reason the “dumb jock” stereotype basically clings on to the stereotype of the popular girl in school. Apparently you can’t be vain AF and have straight A’s at the same time or something.

But there are some movies and TV show that actually subvert this stereotype and give us characters who not only fit the queen bee/mean girl stereotype, but also have some pretty impressive academic credentials too. Check out seven of them that are particularly memorable.

Paris From 'Gilmore Girls'

Paris is an unconventional mean girl. Yes, she was straight up nasty and didn't hesitate to bully people she considered below her, but she didn't really focus so much on people's appearance or their sexual prowess. Naw, Paris was out for academic blood, and she wasn't afraid to let others know that they better stay out of her way. According to TV Tropes, one of the first thing Paris said to Rory Gilmore--her academic rival--was as follows: "ou'll never catch up. You'll never beat me. This school is my domain and the Franklin is my domain. And don't you ever forget that." FFS...

Blair From 'Gossip Girl'

Blair is a top snob and was, uh, low key kind of evil? I mean, she was the mean girl we all loved because deep down in there she had a heart of gold. But it was kind of refreshing that she didn't lack intellectual curiosity like so many other mean girls in pop culture. I mean, Blair was the definition of an overachiever and wasn't one to settle for less than the best. Plus, she wasn't just trying to get good grades, she was trying to be Yale bound, honey!

Cher From 'Clueless'

Okay, so Cher isn't some academic genius by any stretch of the imagination. But she's not flunking her classes, she clearly understands that school is important, and she does whatever she can to improve her grades. Can you see many other queen bees from your favorite movies or TV shows doing that? Didn't think so.

Elle From 'Legally Blonde'

People sleep on Elle, but here's the thing: Yeah, she was a bubbly sorority girl, but she got a passing score on her LSATs and managed to get in to Harvard. Sure, she might not be some brainy overachiever, but she was definitely intelligent and held her own against a bunch of ivy league snobs. Also...she helped win a court case, guys.

Jodie From 'Daria'

Jodie isn't your traditional queen bee in a lot of ways. For example, she was super popular but she wasn't mean, which already puts her apart from most. But for one of the most popular girls in school, Jodie was also one of the smartest. She was also a chronic over achiever and didn't hesitate from volunteering or taking on internships on top of tutoring and achieving valedictorian status.

Spencer From 'Pretty Little Liars'

Spencer is one of the more astute teens that we see on television to be honest. She copped straight A's, was involved in extracurricular activities like field hockey, and was a winner of an effing academic decathelon. She's, like, exactly what college recruiters are looking for. If perfect prospective college students were made in a lab, they would basically be like Spencer.

Zack From 'She's All That'

I know, a guy on the queen bee list? Just hear me out: Zack has all the makings of a male queen bee: He was popular, he was handsome, an athlete, all that good stuff. But he wasn't a moron. He was actually one of the top performers in his class and he was college bound. He defied so many popular dude stereotypes that he just had to have a place on this list, because most popular guys in movies? Yeah, they're...not the smartest...at all.

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