10 Crazy Beauty Trends For Your Vagina You Need To Know About

As the world of beauty expands, trends get more unique and out there, covering every shade of hair color you could possibly think of and including nail designs that don’t even seem practical, along with so many other examples. Beauty trends have even made their way to our vaginas. Never mind the fact that our vag is self-cleaning, or that it’s complicated and different for everyone, or that it’s super, super sensitive. There are so many things you can do to your down there area to make it more glamorous, more high-maintenance, and more expensive.

You already know about the most basic vaginal beauty trends – waxing, shaving, hair removal lasers, ingrown hair treatments. You’ve almost definitely heard of the more strange trends as well, like vajazzling or clitoris piercings or shaving around little designs in your pubic hair. But these things are tame compared to some of the other vagina beauty trends that are popular right now – and surprisingly, not all of them are completely awful. Sure, some should be avoided like the plague (we’ll get to that!), but others aren’t really a bad idea. Below, we fill you in on which beauty trends for your vag are worth trying, and which should never have become a thing to begin with. Get ready to think about your down there area totally differently!

Vontouring AKA Vaginal Contouring

Just when you thought contouring couldn't get any more over the top, you hear about this... vontouring. Contouring for your vagina. Uh, no, I did not just make that up, and I am feeling a little annoyed that the thought crossed your mind. Vontouring is a *thing* but it isn't really what it sounds like. Instead of putting makeup down there, it's actually a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that plumps the labia and tightens the vagina. It's expensive and requires a few sessions, and while some swear it gives immediate results, others are more hesitant. You can ask a doctor about it if you're interested, but my take? It's probably not necessary.

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pH Balancing Wipes

If you've ever gone to the ~feminine care~ section of a store like Target, you've definitely seen ~feminine wipes~ like these. They're supposed to help balance your pH, make your vagina smell nice, and keep things clean and fresh. Sounds great! Unfortunately, they're also completely unnecessary. As one gynecologist points out on Buzzfeed, if your pH is imbalanced, you have to go to a doctor because it means you have an infection - you should never try to balance it at home with a wipe.

On top of that, scented wipes can give you an infection, throwing your pH totally out of wack. They might make your vag smell good at first, but that won't last! The unscented wipes might not give you an infection, but they're not really worth the money either, since your vag is self-cleaning and just needs to be washed in the shower.

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Vaginal Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are amazing little products for your face because they're super hydrating and make your skin feel incredible. So it's no wonder a Refinery 29 writer tried putting one on her vagina - and loved the results. She claimed it made the skin smoother and helped with ingrown hairs.

A gynecologist also weighed in, saying it's fine if you choose a sheet mask with no retinoids or alpha/beta hydroxy acids, and instead look for ones that are gentle and calming with ingredients like chamomile, aloe, and rose oil.

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Glitter Bombing

The Internet collectively flipped out earlier this month when we were introduced to Passion Dust Intimacy Capsules from Pretty Woman Inc. The capsules are supposed to be inserted into your vagina, so that it, uh, explodes when you have an orgasm... or probably just through discharge. The site claims that it's totally safe, even saying, "If you’ve ever had vaginal issues, you had them before you used Passion Dust anyway. If you’ve ever had a yeast infection, I’m sure it wasn’t caused by glitter; it just happens sometimes (Oh, the joys of being a girl!)." Uh... no.

Putting glitter in your vagina is a terrible idea. Glitter can mess with the bacteria down there, cause an infection, and even put you at a higher risk of STIs. It's not worth it!

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Vaginal Oil

Earlier this year, we found out that Emma Watson uses pubic hair oil and, of course, everyone immediately wanted in. Oil for your pubes is indeed a thing, and it's supposed to make your pubic hair and skin down there super soft and smooth, helping with ingrown hairs and razor burn as well. It's fine to try this - oil is good for your skin! - but avoid any that have heavy scents, as that could lead to an infection. Also, some doctors have pointed out that you don't need to buy a fancy oil - you can just use coconut oil if you want.

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Dying Your Pubic Hair

If you love dying your hair crazy colors, then you might want to expand your horizons - you can do it to your pubic hair too. Betty Beauty makes dye for down there, allowing you to go bright pink or a more subdued black. Gynecologists don't seem thrilled about it, but I guess if you really want to try it you could? Just beware that it could cause infections!

Vagina Lipstick

Just when you thought it couldn't get weirder... it does. VMagic is a company that makes a lipstick for your vagina. It's not meant to be used for a bright red swipe - instead, this is more like a chapstick for your vag because it's supposed to moisturize the area. The product boasts that it is all natural and organic, so it's good for you! Except, uh, it could still lead to infections and a thrown off pH balance. If your vag is dry, you're better off trying an oil.


It's not new to get actual tattoos close to your down there area, but vatooing in this sense is different. It's a little temporary tattoo airbrushed onto bare skin after a bikini wax. It's supposed to be fun and playful. It sounds, uh, cool, but also pretty unnecessary?


If you ever pay attention to the Kardashians, you know that they're obsessed with keeping their vaginas... young? IDK, man. Anyway, they talk a lot about lasers for your vagina, and Buzzfeed looked into it. Lasers like ThermiVa are supposed to tighten the vaginal opening, increase your libido, get rid of dryness, and help with bladder control. There's no science that says it works.

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A vajacial sounds insane, but it's literally just a facial for your vagina. It's supposed to keep it soft and smooth and help with ingrown hairs and all of that. It could be expensive, and some gynecologists say that it might not even work. In the end, it's probably not worth it. There are much cheaper ways to fix ingrown hairs.

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Have you ever tried any of these vaginal beauty trends or would you ever try any of them? Let me know in the comments!

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