7 Clothing Items That Make You Seem Cooler Than You Actually Are

Let’s talk about being cool, shall we? What does being cool really mean? Who are the cool people in your life? Are they smart? Funny? Instagram famous? It might be the way they talk or act, or it could be the way they dress. While I can’t help you change the way you present yourself personality-wise, I can help you with how you dress. I have to be honest here: I wouldn’t really consider myself cool. But, after being around enough cool people, I can say with some certainty that being cool has a lot to do with what you wear, since you’re giving off a very specific impression. 

Obviously, it’s not all about the clothes. If you’re super mean and catty, you’re not going to have that many friends, even if you have a great eye for style. But, let’s be real, your clothes are the first thing somebody sees you in, so if you want to give off a cool impression you need to wear something trendy. Clothes aren’t the most important thing about you, but they can help you change the way people perceive you. So, if you want to be perceived as a ~cool girl~ take a look at these types of clothes you should be wearing. 

Are you going to wear any of these cool clothes? Tell us in the comments!

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