15 Hilarious Examples Of The Snapchat Hot Dog Meme

Confession: I don’t eat hot dogs, since my sister told me that they were made out of actual dogs, and I cried for days (I was six). After learning that this WASN’T true, I tried one for real and still wasn’t a fan. That said, I can still respect the fact that hot dogs are an important summer food for most Americans, since they are a ~classic~ BBQ staple, along with watermelon and those frozen ice pops that cut your mouth open. And now, I am entertained by hot dogs. More specifically, the Snapchat Hot Dog Man, who has changed my life.

He started as an annoying hot dog that seemed to have no purpose whatsoever. And then… he danced. And he became an icon, IMO. The Snapchat Hot Dog Man is a ray of light in our bleak and depressing reality. He dances, no matter what, and which shows his true strength and determination. He doesn’t give up, ever. It makes sense that he’s a Cancer. Anyway, if you haven’t been convinced that this guy is amazing, please take a look at the best examples of the Snapchat Hot Dog Man. You’re welcome.



2. Here he is in the Gurl.com office!!!!!!:


3. Same:

4. He’s so happy!:


5. Save him:


6. I can’t handle this:

??? happy Sunday everyone! #catsofinstagram #funny #catogram #dancinghotdog

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7. Steal his look:

8. He just wants to be friends!:

9. Ah, yes, classic:

10. ME!:

11. Yes:

12. Beautiful:


13. He IS the future:


14. He’s very classy:


15. Who do you think won?:


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