7 Badass Fictional Female Characters Who Are Really Underrated

When you think about strong female characters, who do you think of? I always think about Hermione Granger, Wonder Woman, or Katniss Everdeen, and I’m sure at least one of those names goes through your head too. That’s totally fine – they are great fictional role models! – but there are so many other underrated female characters out there who deserve more recognition. Unfortunately, so many fictional roles for women are written with sexism as a undertone. They might only be put on screen to talk about dating struggles, they might constantly get made fun of, or they might only play stereotypical roles (the bored housewife, the bitchy pretty girl, etc.). So, strong female characters are incredibly important because they show women as what they are: actual human beings with complex minds and emotions. When a TV show or movie has a badass lady taking charge, it’s important we take notice.

The other day I was on AskReddit (where I spend most of my time) when I came across a thread asking for strong female characters. I expected to see a ton of typical answers, like CatWoman or any one of the ladies in Game of Thrones (again, great examples, but don’t you sometimes get bored of hearing the same thing over and over again?). But I was surprised – the thread contained a lot of underrated and often overlooked characters that even I had forgotten about in some cases. So, I gathered the best answers to show you some of these underrated female characters that you need to get familiar with. Check them out.

What characters did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

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