9 Signs That You’re More Mature Than Your Friends

Maturity isn’t something that you can really witness as it is happening. It’s all in retrospect, little things here and there that make you and the people around you think, “Wow, that was a pretty grown up thing to do.” It’s also important to note that maturity is about more than just being more responsible, and it’s not a matter of how proper or dainty you are either! It’s not about giving up guilty pleasures or not watching cartoons anymore; that’s way too simplistic. It’s about being more sure of yourself, having confidence that isn’t contrived, not worrying about impressing people who don’t matter, and having better judgement. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and maybe, just maybe, being a little less petulant. Growing up happens in baby steps, but for some of us those baby steps happen a little earlier than our peers. That’s fine, but it can get a little annoying when your maturity level starts to exceed the maturity of your group of friends.

Be real with yourself: Have you felt like you’ve sort of outgrown your friends when it comes to their behavior or what they do for fun? Does something just seem off and you suddenly just can’t relate to their sense of humor anymore? Check out these nine signs that you’re more mature than your friends and find out. Your friendship isn’t over, but maybe it’s time to be a little more accepting of the fact that it’s definitely changing.

Does any of this sound familiar? What’s the most immature thing your friends do that you just can’t stand? Tell us in the comments!

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