What Colors Do You See In This Picture?

Do you remember the infamous debate about #TheDress? You know, the one that was DEFINITELY white and gold, and not at all blue and black? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, uh, we are doing this again. Except this time, an entire outfit is the issue, and not just one little dress. As we all know, there are two things that the internet loves: disagreeing on things and sharing pictures, so… this was inevitable, really. As you probably remember, the old dress color debate sparked endless debates and even scientific studies, and truly divided the internet and friends. And, apparently, we learned nothing, because this Nike outfit is now causing everyone to argue about colors:

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Okay, let’s discuss. We can all agree that this is, very clearly, a photo of a Nike tank top, a pair of slides, and a pair of shorts, right? But… what color are they? It might seem obvious to you, but a lot of people are unable to reach an agreement. Some people are saying it’s teal and grey, others are saying pink and blue, some people are saying white and pink?! WHAT IS HAPPENING? Nobody knows. This person sees teal:

While this user gave a very specific answer and apparently sees many colors:

Okay, clearly, people are confused.

Honestly, so am I.

Do you guys really not see pink?! I’m shook. I mean, according to Photoshop, the flip flops ARE pale pink.


In my personal opinion, it’s all based on the lighting. I see where both sides are coming from (the shorts look more white because of the lighting, IMO) but they are PROBABLY teal and gray. Please…don’t get mad at me.

So, why does this keep happening? It’s not really about certain people being color blind or the way the photo is taken or even the way it looks online – it’s about us. Scientific studies have shown us that our eyes react differently to light, which is why we don’t all always see one singular color. When light enters the eye, it hits the retina, then connects to your visual cortex, which is the part of your brain that translates those signals into the image you see. Without your knowledge, your brain does the work to decide what color light is bouncing off the image you’re seeing. Sometimes, the light in our image kind of confuses our brain, which focuses on only one shade rather than the other, and can explain why we see such drastic differences. Confusing? Extremely. But also kind of interesting.

This has been an incredibly slow news week, so, TBH, we will probably be debating this for at least three more days, or until somebody decides to take a better photo of the outfit. Until then, we will all be yelling at each other.

What color do YOU think this outfit is? Are you as angry as I am? Tell us in the comments!

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