19 Epic Photoshopped Prom Photos You Have To See

The thing that makes prom photos so special is that they become a memory you’ll look at every once in a while for the rest of your life. This is also, inconveniently, the thing that makes them so damn annoying. Whatever you looked like on prom night is immortalized in film forever, meaning that, eventually, you’ll be laughing about your dated dress, hairstyle, and makeup… and, of course, you’ll be remembering your date (if you had one). The date situation is what makes prom photos so messy – imagine taking beautiful photos with someone you were in love with, only to be dumped a few days or weeks later. Ugh.

That’s what happened to one girl, Twitter user Gabi Dunn – she took prom photos with her now ex-boyfriend, then he broke up with her a few days later. Instead of cutting up the pictures or throwing them out, Gabi decided to upgrade them by Photoshopping a photo of Ryan Reynolds in his place. She did a pretty good job!

She did such a great job, actually, that Ryan Reynolds himself noticed them – and replied:

This is the literal definition of social media famous goals. From there, the tweet obviously got a ton of attention, with Twitter users congratulating Gabi on her excellent Photoshop work, giving her beautiful compliments (Twitter is horrible a lot of the time, but sometimes it gives you hope!), and dragging her ex. Her ex got dragged so hard (even from Ryan himself!) that he felt the need to tweet something that I guess he thought was insulting?

Lame. Anyway, in between the replies of shocked users who couldn’t believe Ryan had replied to a fan in her time of need and tweets insulting the ex were people sharing their own Photoshopped prom photos. Apparently, this is a *thing* – when your ex dumps you, you replace him with an upgrade. And what better upgrade is there than a hot, well-liked celebrity? If you needed convincing, or you just want some inspiration to create your own revenge edited photos, check out these epic Photoshopped prom photos:

1. Let’s just take another look at Gabi’s masterpiece:


2. Then there’s Bri, who not only replaced her date with Channing Tatum and Zac Efron, but who also put herself on the red carpet. Go girl! 


3. This girl Brittany made her date into Michael B. Jordan. Yes, his head looks quite large, but it’s fine.


4. This girl Leah made Danny DeVito her dream date… a little sloppy, but no big deal.


5. This Twitter user, Val, did a pretty awesome job with this photo of Gerard Butler.


6. This user created some seriously impressive Nick Jonas edits. They even match!


7. One user made an entire collage of Whoopi Goldberg edited photos, so, uh, she’s clearly very dedicated.


8. This edit from Kenzie with Ben Splatt is extremely adorable.


9. Twitter user Josh did an incredibly impressive Beyonce edit:


10. Even Big Sean got into it:


11. Even though it’s blurry, this photo by Piper still nails it:


12. I won’t lie to you, I don’t know who this guy is, but I do think this is impressive Photoshop work.


13. Hey, even dudes get dumped and want to forget about their significant other!


14. This user, Carol, took it a step further and did it with multiple photos:


15. And one user gave Gabi a run for her money:


16. No, make that two users.


17. One user, Nina, showed off her various Joseph Gordon Levitt edits:


18. And one users, Delia, showed that she did this wayyyyy before it became trendy:


19. Even Justin Bieber made an appearance:

Which one of these prom edits is your favorite? Do you have your own edited photo to share? Let us know in the comments!

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