15 Easy Ways To Start Wearing Lip Liner

Beauty products are supposed to be fun, but some of them can actually be intimidating AF. Highlighter, fake eyelashes, brow products, and lip liner are some of the ones that make us nervous before they’re even applied to our faces. It’s not supposed to be like that. And I’m here to change things. The first thing on my mission is proving how wearable lip liner can be.

I know lip liner has a bit of a bad reputation. It’s either seen as a dated product that no one uses anymore because it’s too difficult or something that “women of a certain age” use to line their lips to make them look fuller. Or it’s seen as the tool that Kylie Jenner and beauty bloggers use to create over-the-top, less-than-natural-lips. I’m here to prove to you that lip liner is worth having in a modern makeup bag and that it’s easy to wear. So, don’t be scared. Here are 15 easy ways you can rock it.

1. It’s all about that X shape. This look gives you a pristine finish because you’ve lined your lips with a coordinating pencil first. Lining your lips also stops your lipstick from bleeding.




2. This look actually starts off with a clear lip liner before a chubby lip pencil is drawn on top. A light lipstick is applied to the center of the mouth then the two colors are blended together. Feel free to experiment with different shades.




3. Yeah, lip contouring is a thing. And it’s actually easier to pull off than almost any other type of contouring. Use two different lip liners or a lip liner and a lighter lipstick to recreate the look.




4. Why stop at just one liner? This look shows how to work two different ones into a red lipstick look to plump your pout.




5. So many lip looks, so little time. Try them with chubby lip pencils or with duller skinny ones so you can get a fatter line.




6. Fact: Using lip liner is how you achieve a flawless red lipstick look. Take notes.




7. Here, you’re applying your lip liner after your lipstick to create a very clean finish. It works.




8. You don’t need to run out and get a black lip pencil for this. You can just use your eyeliner. Don’t be nervous when you apply the black liner because the red lipstick will tone it down, creating a cool gradient lip.




9. Are you against lip liner because your lines always seem to look a bit wonky? This smiling hack is the solution.




10. The rose lip liner with the peachy nude lipstick create an easy-to-wear ombre lip. Just make sure you blend the shades so there are no harsh lines.




11. It might seem completely against your nature to draw random lines on your lips, but go with it. It gives your lips the illusion that they’re fuller than they are.




12. You’ve probably worn red lipstick and pink lipstick, but have you ever worn the two together? This is proof that you should.




13. Come on, literally everyone can pull this look off. Because you’re blending in the line, you don’t have to stress if it isn’t 100 percent perfect.




14. You can use lip liner to make your lips look fuller without it looking ridiculous. The key is to keep it subtle. This tutorial shows how it is done.




15. Here’s proof that you can use a lip liner in a “no makeup” makeup look. Make sure you’re choosing colors with a slight pink tone that coordinate with your lips as opposed to beige tones.




Have you tried wearing lip liner before? Let us know in the comments!

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