6 Weird Places That Every Girl Sweats From

There’s an episode of Nickelodeon’s Victorious in which the gang is complaining about the sweltering weather and marvels at the fact that Jade, resident frenemy, doesn’t sweat. How? Jade said, “Sweating is gross, so I don’t do it.”

If only that were possible, but pure willpower can’t control your sweat. Sweating is definitely a nuisance, especially if you’re someone like me who noticeably sweats all the time. I sweat when I’m sleeping, I sweat when I’m getting dressed, I get sweaty doing just about anything, and it’s a real pain. But it took a while before I really acknowledged that sweating goes beyond armpit and boob sweat.  As you get older, you discover all these odd places on your body that get super sweaty, and you might think it’s weird or you’re some kind of anomaly. But honestly, you’re not. If you need more reassurance, check out these six weird places that every girl sweats. It’s time for us to own up to that ol’ butt sweat.


Ah, yes, the condition affectionately referred to as "swamp ass." You're most likely to experience swamp ass in hot weather, especially if you live in a humid environment. Swamp ass might make you feel like a freak who has an abnormally, er, wet bottom, but it happens to the best of us. Some people who get Brazilian waxes that remove hair from their butt cracks report that the sweaty butt sensation is worse with little to no hair down there, so if it's a huge concern for you...avoid the booty waxes for a little bit, sis.

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If you've experienced sweaty ears, you're not alone. But here's the most interesting thing about ears and sweat: Your earwax can tell you about the kind of sweat you produce! If you have dry, flaky earwax, your sweat lacks a chemical that leads to more odorous sweat. If your earwax tends to be dark and wet...you might be more likely to reek. Bust out that perfume!



If you have a vagina, chances are you've experienced vagina sweat from time to time. Your pubic area is loaded up with glands that release all kinds of secretions, including sweat. The amount of sweat your vagina endures increases when the weather is warm and if you're waering materials that aren't super breathable, like tight pants and underwear made of synthetic materials. Some find the sweat more bearable when they shave down there, others prefer hair to capture sweat. What you do is up to you, but just know that it's not all that weird. A sweaty vagina is totally normal.

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Sweating your hair out is a real thing, guys. People with afro-textured hair can definitely assure you of it. Personally, I have incredibly dry hair, but so much sweat accumulates on my scalp that the moisture ends up making the hair closest to my roots a little more bushy and frizzy. Imagine the effects of steam or a refreshing sauna on your hair...but by doing something as simple as exercising instead of walking into a luxurious room of steam. Anti-frizz products can help, but if you're an athlete with textured hair or you plan to exercise quite a bit, you might want to consider rocking braids for a while. The frizz will be a lot less noticeable.



Do you feel like your eye makeup never wants to stay on, no matter how much primer or waterpoof makeup you use? You might just have some seriously sweaty eyelids. Sure, maybe oil plagues your eyelids too, especially if you already have naturally oily skin. But it's not too unusual for people to experience some considerable sweat between their brows and lash line. It's annoying, but hey, at least your eyelashes protect your eyes from all that salty sweat.

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We sweat on most places on our body, but some get the sweat treatment more than others. Still, what these body parts usually have in common is this: There's a pore/hair follicle chillin' there. Not the case for palms (or the bottom of our feet), which also tend to get sweaty. But when it comes to your palms, sweat usually occurs less from environmental factors and more from psychological things like fear. Ever notice your palms are sweatier when you're nervous?


What other weird or awkward places do you sweat? Tell us in the comments!

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