10 Things You Use Every Day That Are Much Dirtier Than You Think

Here’s something gross to think about that will potentially ruin your mood: the things you use and touch every single day, probably multiple times an hour in some cases, are disgusting. They’re crawling with germs, bacteria, and icky things that can make you sick, and you probably don’t even realize it, which means you aren’t cleaning them… or, at least, you aren’t cleaning them enough. 

Now, of course, our bodies have ways of fighting off these kinds of things, which is at least a little comforting. But still – once you realize that something you put against your face for hours on end is actually full of gross stuff, it makes you feel squeamish. I am something of a germaphobe, and every time I remember how disgusting everything around me really is, I go into full-on Cinderella cleaning mode, which consumes my every thought until I feel things are in better condition. So, writing this post wasn’t exactly easy for me, but hey… I’m doing it for the people. Here are a few things you use every single day that are much dirtier than you think. This doesn’t mean you need to freak out and start walking around with gloves on, but it does mean you should start putting aside time on a weekly basis to make things a little more fresh. You’ll thank yourself after!

Which one of these things have you never cleaned? What surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Actually bras need to mostly be handwashed (I recommend baby shampoo) and if in a washing machine, put it in a lingerie bag that is tied (in cold water) or a pillowcase