Quiz: Are You Hot?

There is one question that us female-identifying humans seem to have in the back of our minds a lot, whether we like it or not. We think about it when we are out shopping for new clothes, or looking in the mirror. We ask our friends, we ask ourselves, we ask strangers on the internet the very common question: “Am I hot?” You might be embarrassed that you ask yourself this question, but I can guarantee that we all, at some point in our lives, have wondered about our hotness level.  No matter how confident or cool a person might seem, odds are good that they have been little insecure about their appearance at one point. It’s okay!

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Yes, we are all strong, independent women, but it’s normal to wonder if you are the ~hot~ friend. This is not to say that your friends aren’t hot too, of course. I just mean that it’s okay to sometimes wonder what other people think about how you look, and to try to act like it isn’t is a little unrealistic. Luckily, we have designed this super-scientific and 100 percent accurate quiz that will determine if you actually ARE hot. Okay, it’s not actually backed by science, but you get it. Take this quiz to see if you are actually hot or not. 

What were your quiz results? Tell us in the comments!

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