15 “MY President” Memes You Need To See Right Now

If, by chance, you were on twitter at all over the holiday weekend, you probably noticed an increase of people taking pictures next to stars on the Hollywood walk of fame. I, myself have a photo of me next to Johnny Depp’s star, which I will not post for obvious reasons. But, many user tweeted out their own pictures, along with some variation of the words: “nothing but respect for MY president.” I know, this sounds confusing when you see it at first, but we’ll give you some context. It all started when Twitter user Makenna_mg made a tweet about cleaning Donald Trump’s vandalized star on the walk of fame:

This did not go over well with the rest of the world, obviously.  A lot of people have been very actively hating on Donald Trump’s star over the past few months to protest the president, so the fact that it was cleaned pissed off a LOT of twitter users. Many people took to twitter to “clean” the stars of their own ~personal presidents~ and, TBH, it turned into an iconic twitter moment. It is a good reason to laugh, especially now, when the world is so scary. Here are some of the best ones:

1. Who knew that Pitbull has a star??




3. Meryl Streep, of course:


4. Shrek for president 2020!


5. Kermit for vice president 2020!


6. Winona Forever:


7. It’s us, letting you know that you have to love yourselves!!!:


8. Or, you should love Danny DeVito!:


9. How could we forget about Matthew McConaughey?:


10. And James Franco, of course:


11. Wow….iconic:


12. It might be photoshopped but who cares:


13. It’s the thought that counts:


14. This meme can even be done in your very own home!:


15. Wow, goals:

Which of these tweets is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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