What Your Summer Relationship Status Will Be, Based On Your Sign

Do you hear that? The sounds of crickets and the kids in your neighborhood yelling while playing in the street at 10 AM? That’s the sound of summer! It’s finally here, and now that July is in full swing, it’s time to focus on the important things: your love horoscope. I know, it can be a heavy topic, but hey, it’s always good to know if you’re going to be single or have a ton of baes this summer. And I am going to tell you!


Now, obviously, I can’t predict the future because I am not full of magic. But your horoscope reveals a lot more about yourself and your dating life than you would think, and so we can get a pretty idea of what’s going to happen (or not happen) for you over the next few weeks. Who knows, maybe this will be the summer you find the love of your life? Or maybe it will be the summer where you truly ~find yourself~ and stay single. Both of these things are good! So, if you want to figure out what your relationships status will be this summer, take a look at your love horoscope.

So what is your love horoscope? Tell us in the comments!

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