7 Pretty Nail Trends You Need To Try This Summer

When I was younger, I never really wore nail polish in the summer. I loved painting my nails, but I also loved swimming, and the chlorine in the pool would always mess with my nail polish. So, I’m not really used to summer nail polish trends. But, after looking up all of the summer 2017 nail polish trends, let me tell you that I am pretty freaking excited to play around with nail polish this summer. It’s such a good way to pull together a look without really trying. As a lazy person, that is VERY important to me.

Obviously, some of these designs are a little harder than others, but the good news is that there are so many trends, so you can try out each one and stick with whichever one you like best. Or try them all at once, I won’t judge! You’ve probably seen at least a couple of these worn by celebs or on Instagram, so now is the time to be aware of the trends! If you learn them now, you’ll be ahead of the curve!If you really want to amp up your look this summer, you need to try some of these pretty nail polish trends that you’ll be seeing everywhere over the next few months. Good luck, girl.


Are you going to try these nail trends? Tell us in the comments!

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