16 Random Things That You Can Use To Create Amazing Manicures

When I’m doing my usual nail inspiration Pinterest lurk, there are often times I will stop scrolling and think “How the heck did they do that?!” And, a lot of the time, there’s more to the answer than nail polishes and a fine-tipped brush. Sometimes, I am downright surprised by the random, yet genius, things that people have repurposed into nail art tools.

There may be countless different nail art looks you can create simply by using a few different colors of nail polish, but it’s worth getting a bit creative and experimenting with some unconventional nail tools. Before you start complaining, you don’t have to go out and invest in fancy nail equipment that you will only use once. A lot of the unique manicure tools are things that you probably already have in your house. Sweet! Scroll down to see 16 random things that you can use to create pretty nail art.

1. A Floss Stick



There are a surprising number of things that you can do with a floss stick besides removing the gunk between your teeth. This nail art is one of the cool options.


2. A Makeup Sponge



Save one of your makeup sponges strictly for your nails. A sponge is actually the secret to achieving a flawless gradient mani.


3. A Bowl Of Water And A Toothpick



Stay with me. A bowl of water can be used to create the most stunning marble manicures. Apply nail polish onto the surface of the water then use the toothpick to create the design. Dip your fingers into the mixture and you have snazzy printed nails.


4. A Loofah

random 4a


Don’t toss that stretched out loofah. You can use it to create a cool fishnet effect on your nails. Genius.


5. A Needle


Not a sewer? Make use of those needles with your manicure. Just promise me that you’ll be very careful when you’re doing this one, okay?


6. Tape



You’ve probably heard about this one. However, there are countless things you can do with that tape. French manicure tips are a common one, but I love this zigzag idea.


7. Paper Ring Repairers

random 12


You know those random paper ring fasteners that you think you’re going to use but never do? Forget about using them for school. Use them to create a cool half-moon manicure.


8. A Toothbrush



Don’t toss that old toothbrush quite yet because the bristles are actually perfect for creating a textured manicure.


9. Bobby Pin



You might have used nail polish to paint your bobby pins different colors, but have you ever used the tips of your bobby pins to create cute polka dots on your nails? If not, you need to get on that.


10. A Paperclip



Another manicure, another day I’m blown away but a random household object. Straighten out a paperclip then use the tip to create perfect polka dots.


11. An Elastic



Want a fast French manicure? Loop an elastic around your finger then paint the tip with the nail polish of your choice. Et voila, a crisp finish.


12. Newspaper



There’s no need to buy expensive nail wraps. You can make your own with old newspapers or magazines. Even without the burned edges, this nail art still slays.


13. A Sharpie



Once you see this, you will wonder why you never thought to use Sharpies as part of your manicure. It seems so obvious, doesn’t it?


14. A Toothpick

random 15


There’s no need for fancy nail tools here. A toothpick can create so many fine details. And it can actually do it better than a lot of nail brushes.


15. Fishnets



You could paint over fishnets to give your nails the look of them or you could actually cut out pieces of fishnet and glue them to your nails. Both options work.


16. A Straw

random 16


A straw? Yup. You might think it’s for polka dots but a straw is actually the perfect splatter-er for painterly manis.


What other unique tools have you used for nail art? Let us know in the comments!

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