7 Weird Things That Can Make Your Vagina Itchy

Picture this: you’re hanging at the pool with your squad and rocking a trendy swimsuit (this one, perhaps). You’re having the ~best time~ taking Snapchats and joking around on a swan float. And then… all of the sudden… your vagina gets itchy. But you OBVIOUSLY can’t scratch it, right?!  Everybody will see you touching your vagina! What are you supposed to do?? Why is your vagina itchy?!  What is HAPPENING?! These are all anxious thoughts that we have all, at one point, had. When your vagina feels itchy, it is not only alarming, but kind of embarrassing and annoying AF. But even if it’s happening a lot, try not to panic – there are other reasons you might be itchy, and they’re not all horrible.

If your vagina is itchy, you probably assume the worst: that you have an STD or an infection. While itchiness in the vagina is a symptom of those things, there are also a few other things that can be causing your clearly irritated vag. Now, of course, if you’re experiencing any other symptoms, like a lot of discharge or a weird smell, you should probably call your gynecologist to make an appointment. But if you just generally feel like scratching your vaginal area all the time, read on. Here are a few random things that can make you feel itchy down there:

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