8 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Tampons

Tampons are, I am convinced, one of life’s greatest inventions. Yes, they are probably made of material that could potentially cause cancer, but honestly… what isn’t in this day and age? Tampons make periods easier. They don’t feel like diapers, they aren’t as messy, and they’re actually comfortable. They are just one little way to feel better when you have your period (in my opinion, at least). Aside from all of that, tampons have other amazing uses that you’ve probably never heard of that you should try.

I don’t exactly suggest going out and buying a pack to use for all of the below (they’re expensive!), but these are great tricks to know if you’re in a pinch and happen to have a tampon on hand. And yes, you might look slightly ridiculous unwrapping a tampon to do any of these alternative uses, but who cares? You’re getting sh*t done, and you’re also potentially helping to get rid of the weird stigma surrounding tampons. Win/win, girl! So, here are a few things you never knew you could do with tampons that are honestly kind of life-changing.

Apply Makeup

I was innocently scrolling through Facebook the other day when I saw this Cosmopolitan video featuring vloggers using tampons to apply their makeup. This isn't the worst idea I've ever heard, but I don't think it's great. My main issue with it is that tampons are absorbent, so it seems like they would absorb your makeup rather than, you know, spread it evenly on your skin where you want it. This might be a good trick if you're out, stuck without any makeup brushes or sponges, but honestly? I'd probably skip it and just suggest using clean fingers.

Remove Nail Polish

Now here is where a tampon's absorbency comes into good use - removing nail polish. A tampon is great for this activity for a few reasons. One, it's super easy to dip into the typical nail polish bottle - a light or regular size should fit perfectly. Two, it absorbs a lot of remover so you probably won't need to double dip. And three, it will also absorb the nail polish you're trying to get rid of. Now, tampons are more expensive than cotton pads, so I wouldn't rely on this constantly, but still - it's a good tip to know.

For Your Pedicure

Speaking of nail stuff, old or broken tampons can be cut into little pieces and stuffed between your toes to help you get a perfect at-home pedicure. Is this weird? Sure, but whatever, man. If it works, it works.

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Curl Your Hair

I don't know why, but for a long time, using tampons to curl one's hair was very popular on YouTube. It makes sense - tampons are cylindrical, and would probably make a nice curl. But it's also a big waste of tampons and money, if you ask.

A Bandage

There are actually a whole bunch of tampon tips for survival, like if you hike or climb mountains or do extreme things outdoors and can't pack a lot of stuff - and this one is helpful for anyone to know about. Tampons are made to soak up blood, so it makes total sense that they can transform into useful bandages as well. Just open them up, unroll them, cut them if needed, then tape them to your cut or wound. They'll absorb the blood and keep the spot protected.

Ear Plugs

Does this look completely absurd? Yes, of course it does. Does it work? Yup! You can look less ridiculous when doing this by cutting the tampons so they barely poke out, or you can just rock this look if you don't care.

Filter Water

Another survivalist tip? Tampons are great for filtering water in a pinch. Of course, tampons will not get rid of bacteria or potentially deadly things that could be in water you just found on the ground or in a lake or something like that. But tampons can collect any little dirt or dust particles you don't want floating around in your water. If you're anal about what you're drinking, use one in a pinch.

A Cat Toy

Don't laugh! Cats freakin' love tampons. Every time I leave one in sight, my cat steals it and plays with it until she has ripped it to shreds. One day I left a few tampons (in wrappers!) on the floor of my bedroom, and a few days later I noticed little pieces of cotton everywhere - my cat had literally killed all of my tampons. If you need to entertain your cats, give them some tampons!

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