8 Things Girls With Big Boobs Need In A Swimsuit

Out of all of the clothes to shop for, bathing suits are probably the most annoying. (Bras are up there, but we’ll save that discussion for another day.) Swimsuit shopping isn’t simply annoying because of the too-bright changing room lights. It’s annoying because you have to get the fit of the swimsuit just right, and there are a lot of things that can be wrong with it. And, if you’re a girl with big boobs, you’ll also have specific fit issues that you’ll have to overcome.

The good news is that it’s absolutely doable to find a swimsuit that supports your girls and makes you feel hella confident. The key thing is to not settle for any old suit and to recognize the things that your swimsuit or bikini should have to keep your girls happy. Have a look at eight things that every girl with big boobs should have in her swimsuit.

Thick Straps

Sorry, but that triangle top's teeny straps will do nothing to support your girls. It doesn't matter how tight you attempt to tie that halter strap around your neck. And obviously that strapless style can only do so much. A bikini top with thick straps will help your boobs stay where they should be.

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Good Quality Material

It's okay to get certain cheap things, but you'll probably regret it with a swimsuit. The reason is that cheap swimsuits often aren't lined which means they can turn see-through in the water. And the material can stretch out after a few wears which will not help the support issues. Look for a swimsuit made from a thick, durable material. You can even get ones made out of special reinforced Spandex which helps provide extra support and keep everything in place.

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An Underwire

I know that you might hate underwires, but they provide great support to big boobs. You don't need to get a traditional metal one. You can also look for more flexible plastic underwires. When you find a bikini top or swimsuit that fits, you won't even feel that underwear. I swear.

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Adequate Coverage

Unless you want your nipple to be constantly popping out, look for a swimsuit that covers your boobs. There are a lot of styles that are sized like your bras, and there are more and more brands that offer extended sizes in bathing suits, so check 'em out.

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Supportive Sides

Don't just focus on the front of your swimsuit. Take a look at the sides. Look for swimsuits with higher sides for the most support. You can also find styles with boning in them or extra panels for a more secure fit.

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A Proper Back Clasp

Do yourself a favor and just ignore any sort of top that has a tie-up back. You'll spend ages trying to adjust it instead of enjoying the beach. Instead, look for a bikini top that has a hook and eye closure like a bra. When it comes to one-pieces, look for racer backs or styles with higher backs. A low back isn't going to do much.

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Proper Cups

That teeny tiny bandeau or triangle top probably barely covers your nipples. What you want instead is a bikini that has cups sewn into it. It will help keep your girls hoisted and it will also enhance your killer curves.

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A Thick Band

Bikini lovers will want to make sure that their tops have a proper band as opposed to just a string. As you can probably figure out, the latter option provides next to no support. Look for a style that has a band that's at least as wide as your bra.

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What is your favorite swimsuit style? Let us know in the comments!

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