This New Hair Trend You’ll See Everywhere This Summer

Yesterday, Stefani Germanotta, AKA Lady Gaga, the mother monster herself, posted a selfie with her ~new~ ‘do which is, coincidentally, the next Big Thing to happen to hair color. And… the internet is loving it. Lady Gaga is normally known for her, uh, unique hairstyles, but this one is actually a look that you might want to try out. I know that a lot of trends and claim to be HUGE, but I actually have been seeing this look a lot over the past few weeks. According to my trusty sources (the internet) the next big hair trend will be peach hair. Here it is, modeled by Lady Gaga herself:


Okay, so this is a little more peachy-blonde, but you see the little traces of light pink, right? It perfectly matches the little peach emoji that has been so popular. This trend makes a lot of sense: the bright pink hair trend is out, and now it fades into a orange/pink color that is known as peach, and it’s HUGE right now. It’s sort of like a summer sunset in hair form and, honestly, it’s gorgeous.


Does this mean millennial pink is totally over?! Who knows. Peach hair is a little more orange than the rose gold hair trend of last year, and it’s more vibrant than the pastel hair colors that have been around for the past few seasons. It’s a much more ~relaxed~ look that still managed to look pretty, even as it fades:



Obviously, you have to have lighter hair to try it, since these colors definitely won’t show up on dark hair (welp) but if you have light hair, it’s pretty easy to do: mix a red hair dye with some conditioner and a tiny bit of orange for that ~peachy~ look. Here’s a tutorial, if you want to try it out yourself. Honestly, I think I need to try it…look how good it looks with space buns!



It really is the ultimate cool girl hairstyle that will look perfect on your Instagram profile this summer. Throw your hair in some braids, and you’ll be looking chic AF. BRB, I’m going to dye my hair, like, right now. Thanks, Lady Gaga!


Are you going to try this trend? Tell us in the comments!

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