15 Signs Your Bold Brows Look Fake

It’s rare to open up Instagram without seeing a few pairs of bold brows jumping out at you. We’ve gone from not paying that much attention to our brows to defining them with pomade, brow gel, brow powder, highlighter, pencils, and sometimes even glitter.

With all of those products being applied to that small patch of hair above your eyes, the results can either look flawless or they can look very fake. Basically, you can rest assured that no one will remember your natural brows, even if they’re thinner than you would like, but they will definitely remember a pair of poorly filled in ones.

Unfortunately, the line between #eyebrowsonfleek and brow disaster is very fine. Like, it only takes the difference of a few wrong strokes with your eyebrow pencil-type fine. To ensure that you’re staying on the right side of the bold brow line, here are the 15 signs that your bold brows actually look fake.

1. Your brow pencil is waaaay darker than your natural brow color.



You can achieve bold brows with any eye pencil. Resist the urge to choose a dark shade if you have naturally light brows and hair because it’s a dead giveaway that your brows have been drawn on.


2. Your brows have a major fade.



Yeah, brow fades and #browsonfleek might be all of the rage in Instagram beauty looks, but IRL that fade can make your brows look fake. TBT, that fade normally looks fake even on Instagram because what natural eyebrows actually it?


3. You’ve over-exaggerated your arch.



Over-exaggerating the arch of your brows can look as unnatural as over-lining your lips. Not to mention that an extreme arch can also make you look constantly angry.


4. You’ve colored in your brows.



Whether you’re using pencils, gels, or mascaras, you want to apply the product in short strokes. You never want to color in your brows with it. That will make your brows look too intense and unnatural.


5. Your strokes are too obvious.



It’s great that you’re applying your brow products in strokes, but it’s key that you stick with short, lightweight lines. If they become too long or too thick, it will read as fake, fake, fake. It’s a good idea to gently brush you brows with a spooley brush after you apply the product to soften the look.


6. The corners are too sharp.



No one has natural brows that form crisp 90-degree angles at the tips. If your bold brows do, you need to soften them up a bit. Otherwise people will just see your brows instead of your gorgeous face.


7. Your brow gel and pencils do not match your hair at all.



If your hair is a natural color like red, blonde, black, or brown, your brows should match it. There can be some differences in shades and tones, but you still want to keep everything in the same color family. For example, red hair and black brows isn’t the best combo.


8. You’ve colored in your arch.



Some people have straight brows while others have arches. If you’re trying to turn your arched brows into straight ones with your eye pencil, proceed with caution. It’s better to follow the natural shape of your brows for a natural finish.


9. You’ve used black eyeliner on your brows.



Even if you have black hair, you will want to be wary of applying any pure black shades to your brows. And that includes black eyebrow products. Black can be super harsh which is why a lot of people suggest sticking with dark brown.


10. You only add product to the thickest part of your brows.



Do you want bold eyebrows or random bold eyebrow patches? I’m assuming the former which means that you should be applying the brow products to the entire length of your brows. It doesn’t matter how thick or thin they are, add it in. Your brows need to stay balanced.


11. You draw a very thick tail.



Are the ends of your brows on the thinner side? Do you usually just draw a continuous line from the thicker part of your brows to the tips to define the rest of them? It might be quick, but the finished look isn’t so hot. Stick with those short strokes.


12. You’ve drawn one brow completely different than the other.



Your natural brows probably aren’t perfectly symmetrical, but it’s important to make it look like your bold ones are. That’s because the eyebrow products will only enhance every different flick and angle.


13. You’ve drawn your brows way too long.



The rule of thumb is that your brows should line up with the inner corner of your eye. If you were to draw an imaginary diagonal line across your face,  the other side should line up with the outer corner of your eye. Any longer than that and they get into fake territory.


14. You’ve drawn on “tadpole” brows.



Did you draw your brows so they’re thick and intense at the corners and they get super light as they go out? You’re not fooling anyone into thinking they’re natural. Not to mention that the thick, rounded shape isn’t the most flattering.


15. Your different brow products don’t match.



If you’re a fan of mixing pencils, powders, and waxes, it’s key that you’re choosing similar colors otherwise you will end up with weird multicolored brows. Play it safe by sticking with brow products in the same kit or try mixing them all together before applying them to your brows.
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