7 Facts About Teen Sex That’ll Surprise You

We’ve all had The Talk, right? Some of you probably had to endure the talk from a parent; you were trapped in a car with nowhere to escape as they droned on about the birds, the bees, and their first boo from a zillion years ago. Cringe city. Or maybe you cringed with your classmates as you got the talk in a more clinical manner at school, sandwiched between a puberty unit and some STD horror stories. It’s understandable that we’re taught about sex in our teens; it’s a time when our bodies are maturing and, frankly, we all become a bunch of horny little monsters. But guess what: Teenagers don’t have the same sex lives that they used to.

Yep, teenagers…are becoming a little prudish.

It’s sort of funny to consider, especially when you think about how easily accessible sex is now: TV shows, movies, internet, social media apps, billboards, etc. And yet, this generation of teens is having a quiet sexual revolution that’s a little less…sexual. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, check out these seven surprising facts about teen sex. You’ll be shook, believe me.


Less Than Half Of High Schoolers Have Actually Had Sex

Think everyone is having sex except for you? Well, if it makes you feel any better, most people your age are just as sexless as you are. When it comes to 15-19-year-olds, only 42 percent of girls and 44 percent of guys report having had sex at least once. That means most of your classmates actually haven't had sex at all...and maybe if they claim they are, they're a big ol' liar.

Most Teens Don't Get A Real Sex Education Until They've Already Started Having Sex

Uh, yeah, so it turns out that a lot of schools just have terrible sex ed programs. A CDC survey has indicated that 15-17 year-olds are already sexually active once they're learning about the birds, bees, and STDs in school. This is one reason why many are urging schools to start teaching sex ed as early as elementary school.

Teenagers Aren't Having Sex Like They Used To

Yep, it looks like Millennials and Gen Zers are a bunch of prudes! Countless studies have indicated that this generation is having a lot less sex than Gen X or even Baby Boomers. Yes, your parents and grandparents were having more sex at an earlier age than you are. Congrats. Thank me for that awful visual later.

Teenagers Really Don't Understand Consent

Yikes, this is scary. A survey has indicated that teenagers have very different ideas as to what consent is. One of the weirdest results indicated that while 75 percent of women didn't believe that first-time sex guarenteed having sex again, only 64 percent agreed. Uh, newsflash: Nobody is owed sex.

Teen Pregnancy Is At A Record Low

YES! Teen pregnancy is at a record low and has fallen. Only five percent of teen girls fall pregnant, which has declined by more than 50 percent since 1990. Yay, safe sex!

By Age 19, There Are More Male Virgins Than Female Virgins

Many nineteen year olds are off to college, cramming through classes and, well, hooking up. Yes, we all know that people hook up in college, but did you know that most 19-year-olds who haven't lot their v-card yet tend to be men as opposed to women? Weird, right?

One In Three Girls Have Experienced Sexual Violence

Too often, sexual violence is depicted as something that happens to grown women but is a total anomaly when it comes to children. Well, if one in three is an anomaly to you, then great, but that's still a shocking rate of sexual violence. These numbers are, unfortunately, particularly high among women of color and girls under the LGBTQ umbrella.

Which of these facts is the most shocking to you? Which was super easy to believe? Tell us in the comments!

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