What Does It Mean If You Have Hair On Your Butt?

Here is the thing about being a human–it sucks. I mean, not really. There are lots of cool benefits that go along with being a human who lives in the world, such as ice cream, sunny summer afternoons, getting to play with puppies, and, um, other things. I assume. But a key part of the human condition is feeling like everyone else in the world is normal, and you–in particular, your body–are not normal. This, of course, is what brings me to my main point–if you have hair on your butt, is that normal?

This, like most body hair-related questions, has a pretty simple answer: Yes, it’s normal. You are normal. You are a mammal (I assume!), which means that you grow hair, and that some of this hair will, to some degree, end up growing on your butt. Some people will have more of it, some will have less, some will have so little that it seems like they have none at all, but everyone has at least a little bit. If you want, this could be the end of the discussion. But, as as with all things on the ‘net, there is some more nuance and ~discourse~ to get into here. So. What does it mean if you have hair on your butt? Find out here!

Please tell me again. Is it normal if I have hair on my butt?

Yep! Perfectly normal. Most people have it.


Where, um, should the hair be?

I mean, it *shouldn’t* be on any particular spot on your butt. It’ll go where it wants to go, you know? But most people have some hair in between the cheeks, up along the crack, and/or on the butt cheeks. This hair could be fine and barely noticeable, or it could be thicker and closer in appearance to pubic hair, or somewhere in the middle.


Why is there hair there?

There are actually a couple of interesting evolutionary explanations as to why humans have hair on their butt. It doesn’t really serve a purpose today, but most scientists think it exists to help you maintain your own personal scent, which would have made it easier to attract a mate in the caveman days, and help prevent chafing.


Is there anything I can do about it?

Yep! First of all, if you ever get a Brazilian or bikini wax, you will find that, in most cases, it’s standard to remove hair on or around the butt. Of course, you don’t have to do anything about it–if you get a bikini wax, and you don’t want them to remove your butt hair, you can just ask them not to do it–but it’s always possible to get rid of it. You can also look into laser hair removal or electrolysis if you want the hair to be gone for good.

Waxing, laser, and/or electrolysis is the only hair removal I would recommend, however. You should not shave down there, since the hair will grow back quickly, create stubble, and cause a lot of discomfort. Plus, it’s a delicate area (and one that’s hard to get a good look at, at that), so it’s hard to avoid cuts when you shave down there.


Is there ever a time where having hair there wouldn’t be normal?

For the most part? No. Pretty much everyone starts growing some extra hair around their privates during puberty, and your butt just happens to be a part of that.

If you’re suddenly noticing a lot of hair on your butt and other places on your body where you didn’t have hair before–and you’ve already gone through puberty and dealt with the hair that goes along with it–you could get that checked out, since excessive hair growth can sometimes be a sign of a hormone imbalance. But, in most cases, it’s really nothing to worry about. Everyone has it! It’s cool.


Do you have hair on weird parts of your body? How do you feel about it? Let us know in the comments!

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