18 Genius Summer Bullet Journal Ideas To Start On ASAP

One of the greatest things about summer is that it’s the time of year where you’re not expected to be productive. You can sleep in, hang out with your friends all night, lay by the beach or pool all day, catch up on every Netflix series you wanted to watch during the school year, and read a pile of books. It’s amazing! Well, it’s amazing for people who appreciate taking some time off to do nothing – but not everyone feels that way. Some people like to stay organized, and they like the feeling of getting things done. For those people who don’t have a part-time job or summer classes (actually, scratch that – especially if you have those things), I suggest a summer bullet journal

If you’re still in school and you have the summer months off, then a summer bullet journal is different than your normal bullet journal because it’s not full of to-do lists or homework notes or study tips. Instead, it’s full of other things you can track, make note of, and organize to fill your time. Bullet journals are a little anal and kind of extra when it comes to staying on top of everything, but they can also make you feel like you’re doing more than just sitting around watching Game Of Thrones for two days straight, which is nice. So, if you need some inspiration on how to stay put together this summer, check out these bullet journal ideas.

1. General summer goals page



Set aside at least one page of your bullet journal to write down everything you want to do throughout the summer. Include things like daily goals, books you want to read or movies you want to see, little things you want to do, and maybe even some quotes and doodles. Keep this realistic rather than writing down things you want to do that you know you won’t get to.


2. Summer adventures page



If you have a few trips planned for the summer, keep track of them on a few pages. You can make note of the important things that need to get done and draw out little things you’re looking forward to doing while there. This is helpful and it’s a cool way to look back on your trip.


3. Summer bucket list page



One page of summer goals should be realistic, but your summer bucket list can be a little bit bigger. Write down what you REALLY want to do, even if there’s a chance it might not happen. It’s a good way to remind yourself of what you want to get done, even if it doesn’t happen in the summer.


4. Me time ideas page



The summer is the perfect time to get in some self-care and some time to yourself to relax and focus on what you like. Remind yourself of what makes you feel happy with a page dedicated to “me time.” I love how this includes time intervals and everything.


5. Movies to watch page



The summer is also a perfect time to get in some movie-watching. Who says you have to be outdoors all the time? It can be easy to forget about old or new movies you want to see, so keep a list of them so you make the time for them. Color them in or check them off as you see them.


6. Water tracking page



Drinking more water is always important, but it’s especially essential during the summer, when it’s hotter and you’re more likely to get dehydrated. Keep track of your water intake with one handy page.


7. A goal tracker page



Pick one big goal you want to accomplish this summer, and then make a page or two dedicated to tracking your progress. This can be anything, from an exercise milestone or learning how to do a hobby you’re interested in. Just make sure it’s only one big goal and not a bunch of little ones – it should be the one that is most important to you.


8. TV series tracking page 



Is it really summer if you don’t watch at least two new TV series? Pick the ones you want to watch the most, then track your progress as the days go by. It will make you feel weirdly accomplished for doing pretty much nothing.


9. A Netflix page



Yes, you could just open up your Netflix app and look through your queue, OR you could keep track of everything in one place, like in your bullet journal. That way you can track what you watch in two places!


10. Monthly memories pages



One of my favorite bullet journal page ideas are memory pages. They’re so fun to create and they’re so great to look back on. Make one for each month to remember how you spent your summer.


11. A cleaning schedule



If you want to be productive over the summer, a good place to start is cleaning. Write down what you want to clean each day, or bigger organization projects you have planned.


12. Adventures page



You can separate your memories into different categories if you want! This is a fun adventure page if you hike or go outside a lot.


13. Summer music page



Always remember your favorite songs of the summer by writing them down on one page, along with your favorite albums. You can even jot down some of your favorite lyrics if you want!


14. A daily routine page



If you need some sort of structure during the summer, make yourself a daily routine page. Jot down a few things you want to get done every single day so that you stay motivated.


15. Book tracking page



If you’re a big reader, you should definitely keep track of the books you read throughout the summer. You can make a separate list for books you want to read, too, so you don’t forget about them.


16. Fun monthly intro pages



Put your drawing and doodling skills to work with colorful and fun monthly intro pages, like this one for July.


17. A packing list page



Going on a few vacations this summer? Make a list of your travel essentials so that you don’t forget to pack anything. You can reuse this whenever you want!


18. A drawing challenge



Get some doodling in by completing a little drawing challenge during the summer. It’s fun and creative!

Which one of these summer bullet journal ideas is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Share in the comments!

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20 Genius Bullet Journal Page Ideas To Stay Organized AF

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  • Kinzey M

    This was super helpful! Very well written suggestions, Jessica. 🙂 I’ll definitely be using these to organize the rest of my summer!