7 Things That Should Really Be Free For Girls

From the title of this post, you might think I’m going to say that silly things like “movie tickets!” and “drinks!” should be free for girls, but please hear me out. I am not here to talk about guys paying for girls on dates, since that is a post for another day. I am here to talk about things that girls truly need, but still need to pay for – like tampons, pads, and other ~taboo~ products. It seems to me that anything that has to do with a vagina costs a million dollars more than other basic products. I know I’m being dramatic, but honestly, these things really add up, and it sucks that we have to pay so much for them.

I’m not saying that everything should be free if you have a vagina, I’m saying that it’s ridiculously expensive to survive if you have a vagina, and it really shouldn’t be that way. You shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to deal with your vagina when it’s mostly out of your control.  I’m sure we would all wish we could control what goes on down there all the time, but we really can’t, and that costs us. If you agree, take a look at all of these things that should really be free for girls and female-identifying people.

What do you think should be free? Tell us in the comments!

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