Quiz: Are You Too Good For Your Crush?

Crushes are…weird. They are fun for, like, a minute, and then everything goes downhill when you discover that you actually have real life feelings for somebody. YIKES. Sometimes, it works out. Other times, it goes on for a while and you are left in a weird crush limbo that is very hard to get out of. And, every once in awhile, you might be crushing on someone without realizing that you are actually WAY too good for them.

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Not to be mean, but if you have a crush on a dude, you are probably a little too good for him. Sorry! It’s true that girls mature faster than boys, which means that you might not even realize that you are actually more mature than your crush. There is nothing terribly wrong with that, since you can date someone who isn’t quite as good as you and still have a great relationship, but you deserve to be with someone who is right for you. There are some signs that you are actually TOO good for your crush, and you should move onto someone better. So, you should take this quiz and find out if you should move on or not! TBH, we just want what’s best for you. Good luck!


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